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Cats with Blue Eyes – 5 Things to Know About Them

cats with blue eyes

Hardly anyone can resist falling in love with a cat with beautiful blue eyes. Even though green eyes are quite gorgeous too, there is simply something unique about cats with blue eyes. This might be due to the fact that blue eyes are not as common in cats, as green eyes are. We have a few favorite cats with this feature and we’d love to see what is interesting to know about them.

Here are five main things to know about cats with blue eyes.

1. Many Cat Breeds Can Have Blue Eyes

cats with blue eyes
Photo by Peng Louis from Pexels

As you are probably aware there are many different cat breeds that have this unique feature. Still, there are some cat breeds that are genetically tied with the blue color of eyes. Some of these breeds are Siamese, Snowshoes, Persian cats, Himalayans, Birman, and Ragdolls. It is worth mentioning though that not all Ragdoll cats have blue eyes color.

Moreover, there is a cat breed that is called Ojos Azules which means “blue eyes”. Naturally, these cats have eyes in a deep shade of blue which makes them very unique and special cats.

2. They Can Bring You Good Luck

Did you know that black cats bring you bad luck? – This of course is not a scientific fact, it’s simply a superstition. Well, similarly people believe that cats with blue eyes bring you good luck. The same goes for calico cats – the three-colored cats.

Indeed, we can’t guarantee that this is true, but if such a cat comes to your home you’d better keep her. As a matter of fact, all cats can bring you good luck, so you should keep yours close to you.

cats with blue eyes
Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels

3. It is Very Likely That They Are Deaf

It is very important to point out that this is usually the case with white cats with blue eyes. Even so, this is not a rule and it’s not necessarily always true. It is a fact that the majority of them are born deaf or blind, but there are many exceptions. Here are included cats with odd eyes – those that have one blue and one green eye. From 30 to 40% of these cats are deaf and this is due to the melanin which affects the cochlea in the inner eye.

However, if the color of the eyes comes from the Siamese genes – particularly with this cat breed – kittens are born with perfect hearing.

4. Kittens Are Born With Blue Eyes

If a kitten was born with blue eyes it doesn’t mean that it will keep this color. In fact, kittens usually have a darker shade of blue, unlike adult cats.

blue-eyed cats
Photo by Cats Coming from Pexels

Sometimes, of course, kittens can keep their eye color even when they grow up.

5. Some Believe That These Cats Have a Greater Risk of Going Blind

Let’s clarify this from the start – there isn’t any proof or scientific study pointing out the fact that cats that have eyes in blue color have a greater chance of going blind than any other cats. This can be the case with the white cats that have odd-colored eyes, or blue eyes, but it is still not a proven fact.

Regardless of the color of the eyes, fur, coat, or any other features, all cats are beautiful in their own way and we should all love and respect them.

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