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Ragdoll Cat: Facts and Personality Traits

ragdoll cat

Maybe is not that popular name, but without a doubt, everyone has seen this beauty of a cat – the Ragdoll cat. For a reason, it has this name because it resembles a doll or even a cuddly teddy bear that you simply want to hold in your arms and squeeze it. What’s even better is that Ragdoll cats love to be held and they truly are people’s great companions.

For many cat lovers, the Ragdoll cat is the ideal cat, and if you are interested in getting one keep on reading to learn more about this cat’s personality, looks, behavior, and health.

Looks, Size, and Color of Ragdoll Cat

Looks: The main characteristics of Ragdoll cats are a pale body with darker markings around the eyes, the face, ears, and tails. They also have some markings on their legs. It has a semi-long coat that is so silky and plush that resembles a rabbit coat. In order for you to maintain the beauty of their coat, you need to groom them regularly to avoid any knots.

Color: Ragdoll cats can have different colors which are mainly bright, such as Bluecream, Cream, Frost, or Lilac. All cats from this breed have gorgeous blue eyes that match perfectly to their overall look.

Size: The average size of an adult Ragdoll cat is 23 to 28cm in height and it can weigh about 3 to 9kg.

Life span: The average life span of these cats is up to 15 years, and the full maturity is reached at around 4 years of age.

ragdoll cat

Facts About Their Personality and Temperament

Ragdoll cats are generally very sociable, gentle, and affectionate. They simply love to be near their owner and cuddle. Ragdoll cat breeds are so devoted to their humans that they may seem like dogs who are loyal. You would probably notice them following you everywhere you go trying to get your attention.

What’s even better is that they can get along well with other pets in the house. So, if you are wondering how kittens and puppies would live together, maybe you should see a ragdoll cat with a dog in the house. They will accept another cat as well.

Simply put, ragdoll cats are perfect companions.

Weight and Diet

Remember what we’ve said about them – they look like cute teddy bears. Well, they also act like it – they simply love to eat, so often they can get overweight. For that reason, it’s important to watch their weight and make sure that they are eating healthy. What’s even worse is that if they are overweight you may not be able to notice it from their big coat.

Another thing that can help in maintaining their ideal weight is to keep your Ragdoll cat active. Since they enjoy their owner’s companionship it’s easy to keep them entertained. Think of different games to play with your ragdoll and keep an eye on her weight.

ragdoll cat


In general, Ragdoll cats are pretty adaptable. They can live in various environments and are easily trained. As a cat breed, they are not overly active, but they do like to play. Interestingly enough you can teach your Ragdoll cat to fetch and this is again their doggish side.

Maybe the best part of their personality and behavior is the fact that they like to be held. As we already mentioned, ragdolls are gentle and can live together with other pets.

How Much Are Ragdoll Cats

If you have decided to get this type of cat in your home you are probably interested in the ragdoll cat price. First of all, it’s important to mention that you can buy a ragdoll kitten or an adult one. The cost of a ragdoll kitten can vary from $800 to $2000. This would mainly depend on the pedigree, and the high-titled kittens are understandably more expensive.

Ultimately, whatever the price, I am sure you can all agree that you can’t put a price on love, especially for felines. Not to mention when they are gorgeous as Ragdoll cats are.

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