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Interesting Facts Behind Cat Coats & Patterns

cat colors

Have you ever been amazed by the cat’s coats and their patterns? – I have! There are so many different cat coats and patterns, it’s simply fascinating. There are so many different meanings behind the various cat colors and patterns of cats, that always keeps me fascinated.

If the colors of the cat didn’t make any sense before, I’m sure that after these interesting facts I will share with you just below, you will definitely find it even more amazing!

What Cat Colors Are There

Colors are what make felines stand out and even determine their personalities. Let’s start from the beginning and see what kind of colors and cat patterns are there. Mainly cats have only three colors – black, red, and white. This may sound strange because we’ve all seen different cats with other patterns and coats. In reality, all other patterns are dilutions or mixtures that make grey, cream, brown, or orange cats.

cat colors
Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels

Calico Cats Are Unique

Are you familiar with the three-colored cats called calico? These lovely felines have their coats in three colors – white, black, and orange. Often the patches of these three colors are bold and easily recognizable. However, there are some calico cats with smaller patches and every cat is unique. You won’t be able to find two cats of this type that have the same pattern. That is what makes them so special.

Coat Patterns Depend on Their Genetic Code

Speaking of calico cats, if you ever owned one or have seen some, you will know that these cats are usually female. The reason behind it is genetics. Genes determine the cat coats and patterns, so with them, you can recognize the gender by the cat coat. For example, the Agouti gene is responsible for the tabby pattern. Moreover, cats’ chromosomes carry color genes, and make calico cats female, while ginger cats are mostly male.

cat colors

All Cats Are Tabbies

One of the most popular cats is the orange tabby cat, maybe due to our favorite cartoon Garfield. But, in reality, all cats have the tabby pattern, it’s just that you can’t see it in all of them. At some point in life, all cats will show their tabby attribute which is a result of the above-mentioned Agouti gene. One thing that all tabby cats have in common is the letter M on their forehead and the black eyeliner under their eyes.

Still, there are many types of tabby cats

  • Mackerel tabbies,
  • Ticked tabbies,
  • Spotted tabby cats, and
  • Blotched tabbies.
cat coat patterns

Apparently, cat coats and patterns are closely related to their eye colors. You can’t talk about cat fur without mentioning the eyes. Firstly, when kittens are born they all have blue eyes. As they mature their color changes. Genes have an important role here as well. Therefore, without exception, all Russian blue cats have emerald green eyes. Most Persian cats have eyes with a color of copper, while Calico cats are characterized by yellow eyes. Due to albinism, cats with dark hair on their extremities have blue eyes. Similarly, some white cats have odd eyes, meaning that they have different eyes – one is blue and the other is green.

unique cat patterns
Photo by Tamba Budiarsana from Pexels

All cats are special in their own way and their appearance makes them even more unique. We all have our preferences, but you have to admit that every cat is beautiful in its own way. What type of cat is your favorite?

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