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Snowshoe Cat Breed: Facts & Personality Traits

snowshoe cat

Even though the name itself Snowshoe cat isn’t that popular, this type of cat breed is actually very common. At the first sight, it looks a lot like a Siamese cat only it’s slightly different. You may be familiar with this cat breed from the famous Grumpy Cat. Although that particular cat is not a purebred Snowshoe cat, it’s probably mixed with it.

If you want to find out more about the main characteristics of the Snowshoe cats keep on reading.

Snowshoe cat Appearance

The main distinctive features of the Snowshoe cats are their blue eyes and their coat and color markings that resemble the ones of Siamese cats. Their base coat is white with dark ears and paws. In reality, their coat is a “tuxedo” as they have a different color of their feet. As they age their coat gets darker. Speaking of their fur color, Snowshoes can come in blue, seal, lilac, and chocolate varieties.

The male cats are usually sturdier than females, but both have muscular bodies. Essentially, these cats are middle-sized with triangular heads and long ears. And of course, their blue eyes are a special and unique trait of the Snowshoes.

snowshoe cat

Origin of the Snowshoe cat

As we’ve already mentioned the ancestors of these cats are the Siamese cats which are bred with American Shorthairs. The Snowshoes have definitely combined the best features of both breeds and got their best qualities. Hence they are vocal, active, and easy-going, sturdy cats.

This cat breed dates back from the 1960s with a Siamese breeder Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty from Philadelphia. What’s most interesting about the Snowshoe cat is that no two kittens have the same fur patterns.

Personality Traits

Snowshoes may be the ideal cat for anyone. They are outgoing, loyal, and very affectionate companions. These cats are intelligent and love spending time around people. Similar to Siamese, Snowshoes love to “talk”, but have a softer melodic voice.

As they love spending time with their owner you should be ready to give them all your attention. These cats are not for active people that don’t have time for their pets. If you do have a busy schedule consider getting another cat to keep them company, or simply take your Snowshoe cat anywhere with you.

snowshoe cats

Interesting Facts About Snowshoes

Finally, here are some fun facts about this cat breed that you may be interested in hearing about.

  • Snowshoe cats are born all white and develop a darker coat as they age.
  • They get easily attached to their owners very much like dogs.
  • Snowshoes love water and would enjoy getting regular baths.
  • The name originates from their paw markings – they have “snowy-white shoes”.
  • These cats get along well with kids.

Are Snowshoe cats your favorite cats?

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