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Cats vs Dogs: Which Is the Best Pet for Me?

cats vs dogs

How to choose your favorite animal companion? Cats vs dogs? – Many people face the dilemma of whether they should get a cat or a dog as a pet. Unlike some that are known as cat persons or dog persons, there are those that don’t have a specific preference.

So, choosing between these two animals can be difficult. Moreover, it’s important to understand the different habits that these animals have and see if they will fit into your lifestyle. In some cases, cats and dogs can live well together. But if you can’t or don’t want to have them both in your home you should choose one.

Here is how you can decide and solve the dilemma of cats vs dogs.

How much time do you have to spend with them?

When in the wild, dogs tend to form packs and stick together to protect themselves better. Also, to help each other hunt and provide food. This is a trait of any type of dog, wild or domestic, and therefore makes this animal more dependent on you. If you decide to get a dog you need to understand that you will have to dedicate a lot of time to keep him active or be in his company. Hence the dogs are ideal pets for active people who would love to spend time outdoors with them, take them for a walk and play with them.

cats vs dogs

Cats, on the other hand, are more independent animals. If we again compare these animals to wild cats we’ll conclude that they are loners. No cat will hunt in a group or be part of a pack. Cats have no need to stick together with other cats. Domestic cats are the same – they want their own privacy and time to nap. Cats love to sleep a lot which makes them ideal pets for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend taking care of pets.

cat or dog

Cats vs dogs – Can you train them?

As a rule, dogs are more obedient than cats. For that reason, it’s much easier to train them. It’s in their nature to please the person who is taking care of them. So, if you like to have a pet that will listen to you and that will adapt to your activities, you should get a dog.

Many say that cats train us and are much more stubborn. This is mostly true because as we’ve already mentioned cats are more independent. They also have their own habits and routines and wouldn’t really follow your lead and obey you. Still, cats can be trained even though it will be much harder than it is with dogs.

How Much Space Do you Have in your Home?

When you are considering getting a dog or a cat in your home it’s very important to consider how much space do you have to keep them. Be aware that even though a dog may get used to living in a small apartment he would still need to go outdoors. For that reason, if you live in a small home you need to make time for regular walks at least three times a day. While living in a bigger house with a yard can be the perfect place to have a dog. The pup would have plenty of space to run and play and enjoy its freedom.

Cats are much more convenient pets in this area. They would fit perfectly in your small apartment because they don’t need that much space to roam around. You should still consider getting them a cat tree as cats love to climb. Otherwise, they would be on the top of your furniture and closets all the time.

cats vs dogs

Family and Pets

Deciding on getting a pet while living alone is more likely easier than when you live with your parents or have a family of your own. First of all, you need to consider how would they react and will they also take care of the pet. Secondly, make sure that nobody in your family is allergic to cats or dogs. And finally, you need to take particular care of your pet’s hygiene when you have a baby or a small child in your home.

Also, if you are often traveling whether it’s for business or recreational you need to be sure that your pet will be taken care of while you are gone. This is in case you can take it with you, of course. Furthermore, some cats same as dogs can be very friendly with children, as opposed to others. This is something that you need to check when choosing a cat or dog breed. For example, Maine Coon cats are very fond of kids and would get along well with them.

Cats vs Dogs: Cost

Taking care of a pet requires some spending. As you can imagine you need to feed it, take it regularly to the vet, and buy toys and accessories. According to Figo Pet Insurance, the average cost for cat ownership in the first year is around $1,070, while the yearly costs are around $500. Owning a dog would probably cost you from $1,000 to $1,200 for the first year.

We shouldn’t forget the ongoing costs that may arise and are not expected, such as vet visits in case of illness or injury. No matter how much would it cost, if you decide to get a cat or a dog you should be ready to set aside a budget for them.

cats vs dogs

Which Pet Should You Choose?

Ultimately, this choice should be yours. Consider all characteristics that each animal possesses and whether they would fit into your lifestyle. Above all, you should examine yourself and get a pet that will match your personality.

In case you can’t decide whether you should get a dog or a cat maybe you should get both. They will undoubtedly bring joy to your life.

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