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The 10 Biggest Famous Cat Lovers of All Time

We already mentioned the top celebrities who love cats and are popular now. But do you know who were the biggest famous cat lovers of all time? We have made a list and you would be surprised by most of them. Well, get ready because most of them made a great impact on history.

1. President Abraham Lincoln

famous cat lovers

Abraham Lincoln was the first president ever to bring cats to the White House. He had Tabby and Dixie, and he always found time to play with stray cats.

2. Pablo Picasso Is One of the Most Famous Cat Lovers

famous cat lovers

Not only is he one of the greatest artists of all time, but he was also a big cat lover. Cats were Picasso’s companions and his inspiration. In many of his works, he had cats, and one of his first cats was a Siamese.

3. John Lennon

This Beatles member has owned around 20 cats in his life. He was a great cat lover, and he used to give them very funny names. Some of his cats were called Salt and Pepper, while other – Major and Minor. Very creative, don’t you think?

4. The Bronte Sisters

Emily, Charlotte, and Anne are the three sisters who might be the greatest famous cat lovers of all time. All three of them had cats at home, and Emily even wrote an essay about them. She was praising them and had a great point:

“I can say with sincerity that I like cats; also I can give very good reasons why those who despise them are wrong. A cat is an animal who has more human feelings than almost any other being.”

5. Freddie Mercury is the Most Famous Cat Lover

famous cat lovers

I am sure this is not a surprise because anyone who has heard about Freddie Mercury knows he adored cats. He lived in many places and often moved, but his cats were always by his side. At one time, he even had 10 cats in his home. Freddie might be ‘the queen of cats.’

6. Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale the mother of nursing, never married because she dedicated her life to her career. And to cats. Apparently, she found her companionship with cats, and at one time, she had 17 cats in her house. In her life, she owned around 60 cats. Now, that’s a crazy cat lady!

7. Charles Baudelaire

This great French poet was such a great cat lover that he preferred their company over humans. There were rumors that often at parties, Baudelaire would shun the human hosts, and so he would go to play with cats. It sounds like many cat lovers out there, right? Well, other than that, he even wrote a poem titled “The Cat”.

8. President Calvin Coolidge

President Calvin Coolidge wasn’t the first to bring cats into the cabinet (like Abraham Lincoln), but he was a great cat lover. He also wanted to have their companionship and kept his cats with him. He had four cats named Smokey, Blackie, Tiger, and Timmy.

9. Ernest Hemingway – This Famous Cat Lover Named the Cats After Famous People

Have you heard about the “Hemingway Cats”? Those are polydactyl cats or six-toed cats. As a great cat lover, the author received a polydactyl cat from a ship’s captain, and he had even more cats later on. He gave them names after famous people, and even today, between 40 and 50 polydactyl cats live at the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in Flordia.

10. Catherine The Great

famous cat lovers

A legend says that Catherine the Great let 300 cats in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. Well, this fact definitely makes her one of the greatest cat lovers. Currently, there are 70 cats protecting the artwork from mice and rats.

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