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Meet the Famous Men Who Love Cats

men who love cats

Ladies, this article is for you – find out which male celebrities are cat lovers. Don’t you think that men who love cats are just irresistible?

Well, imagine that those men are actors, singers, and directors and are popular. For sure, you would like to find out more about their cats. Let’s meet the male celebrities and their cats.

1. Morrissey

male celebrities

This particular cat is not Morrissey’s but of a photographer friend of his, Jake Walters. To prove the fact that he is a great cat lover, a cat called Fanny immediately falls in love with him. And she jumped right onto his head.

Morrissey has his own cat and is called Dude. This picture was taken for the purposes of PETA’s advertisement to promote cat spaying and neutering. Morrissey is one of the most popular men who love cats.

men who love cats

This is a picture of the amazing singer Ed Sheeran and his cute kitten called Boris. He might be one of the biggest cat lovers among male celebrities. He even set up an Instagram account for his cats. You can meet Calippo and Dorito here.

3. Ian Somerhalder

men who love cats

This dreamy actor adopted his cat Sohalia when everyone thought that she wasn’t friendly. Well, just like his fans, Sohalia fell in love with Ian and became very friendly with him. This shows that Ian Somerhalder isn’t just a pretty face. He also has a big heart since he cares for rescue cats.

4. James Franco

male celebrities

Cats surround his entire family, which is how he was raised. He has twin black cats named Max and Lux. James Franco is also one of the most popular cat dads among male celebrities.

5. Robert Downey Jr

men who love cats

Even the Iron Man can’t resist the magnificent creatures – cats. He can’t imagine his life without his cats, Montgomery and Dartanian or Monty and Dart; these are their nicknames. It is hard not to love Robert Downey Jr.

6. Russel Brand

It is interesting that Russel Brand’s cat is called Morrissey. Apparently, he likes the singer as well. It looks like they are having a lot of fun together, and he is one of the male celebrities who can’t be apart from his cat.

There are probably more of them, but we tried to separate only the biggest cat lovers in the show business. Enjoy more pictures of them below.

Who is your favorite?

men who love cats

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