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Being a “Crazy Cat Lady” Is Actually Good for You – A Study Shows

crazy cat lady

Who says that if you are a crazy cat lady, it means that something is wrong with you? This is one of the biggest stereotypes that you can imagine. Most people use this expression for women who live alone and own many cats.

Now, science has proven that if you are a cat lady, you probably aren’t crazy, and that’s good for you.

crazy cat lady

Psychological Medicine claims that if you own a cat this is not related to psychosis in old age. Even more, many studies show that being a lady who is crazy about cats, is actually very beneficial for people, women in particular.

crazy cat lady

There are so many reasons why having a cat is good for you. One of them is that it helps with your health. It reduces the risk of getting any cardiovascular disease. Also, it is scientifically proven that people who own cats are usually more intelligent than those who don’t.

Having a Cat Is Beneficial for Your Health

The fact that having a cat reduces the risk of getting cardiovascular disease is scientifically proven. There was a study in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology that states the following:

“a decreased risk for death due to MI and all cardiovascular diseases (including stroke) was observed among persons with cats. Acquisition of cats as domestic pets may represent a novel strategy for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases in high-risk individuals.”

crazy cat lady

Being a Crazy Cat Lady Means You Have the Best Companions

Another fact that doesn’t have to be proven is that cats are the best companions. They really help people who live alone to fight loneliness. Often, they prevent people from getting into depression.

So, next time someone calls that you are a crazy cat lady, just say “thank you.” You should be proud to be called that.

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