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Crazy Cat Man Is the New Crazy Cat Lady

crazy cat man

Apparently, being a Crazy Cat Man lately is not that strange or new. Until recently, the term crazy cat lady was more common and almost never associated with men.

More often, you see women posing with cats and taking selfies with them than men do. Or at least that was the case in the past. Now, things have changed. You can even say that it is a stereotype that a crazy cat is always a lady.

Well, one photographer wanted to prove people wrong. So, David Williams from New York made a photo shoot called “Men & Cats.”

“I wanted to show that regardless of gender, many people have found the joy that cat companionship can bring,” says David.

Have a look at this amazing photo shoot and meet the Crazy Cat Men.

Crazy Cat Man #1

crazy cat man

This is a great example of a family portrait.

Posing With His Cat – Crazy Cat Man #2

I bet this cat is part of his dad’s music band.

Who Says Three’s a Crowd? Poser #3

crazy cat man

These guys definitely wouldn’t think that.

#4 Just a Normal Walk on the Street

crazy cat man

Some people might say – this looks girly. Well, this guy proves them wrong!

#5 Lovely Afternoon of Two Best Friends

Is there a better way to spend the afternoon?

#6 These Guys Are Inseparable

crazy cat man

Or the cat uses him as her transportation.

#7 Buddies in the Wilderness

crazy cat man

Great companions, don’t you think?

#8 Chef ‘Le Cat’ and His Assistant

Best friends eat together!

#9 They Enjoy Holding Hands

#10 That’s a Nice Headshot

crazy cat man

They aren’t even trying to pose – just a casual beer-time.

What is So Strange About Crazy Cat Man?

Men are considered to be tougher than women, that’s where this stereotype comes from. Everyone would expect a man to own a big, scary dog and not to love sweet, gentle cats. However, this idea is ridiculous and far from the truth. Men who love cats are even better people and wonderful companions.

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