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7 Ways to Calm a Cat in a Carrier

calm a cat in a carrier

Getting around can be very stressful for everyone, but it can be even worse for felines due to their lack of knowledge about where and when they’ll get there. It is why it’s important to explain things to your cat easily for them to understand. Unfortunately, since this method won’t work, you’ll have to resort to other methods.

There are many ways to help calm down a cat while in a cat carrier. Some of these require some preparation. It’s essential to make sure that you keep a few on hand in case something goes wrong. Also, if you know that the cat will be stressed out, it’s essential to prepare for it.

7 Ways to Calm a Cat in a Carrier

Most cats don’t like traveling, and it’s because they don’t have much experience with it. Although it can be very stressful, some things can help make traveling more enjoyable for your cat.

Prepare Your Cat at Home

Before going to the vet, you must train your cat to like the carrier. Getting a suitable cat carrier for travel should be your priority. It should be enormous enough so that your cat can quickly turn around and exit the carrier. A carrier with a large round opening will allow you to get your cat in and out more quickly.

The carrier should be able to be taken apart since this allows cats to be pulled out of it and examined at the bottom. It should also be secure and sturdy.

Play With Your Cat

An active cat is more likely to get stressed out when confined to a carrier. We suggest taking your cat out for a couple of hours before you leave the house to allow them to rest. It will help prevent them from getting tired after being placed inside the carrier.

Unfortunately, this method can be very ineffective for cats since their anxiety can often get in the way of their need to rest. However, it can still help them feel better.

Get Them Used to the Carrier

Getting your cat used to the carrier before using it can help alleviate their anxiety. You can do it by leaving the carrier out, giving them some treats, and adding bedding and catnip.

Although it’s essential to treat your cat whenever they go inside the carrier, it’s also generally best to let them get used to it on their own.

This method depends on how long you have to prepare. For most people, it’s best to prepare for a couple of weeks before their trip, as it allows them to get used to having their cat inside the carrier. However, it’s best to prepare for a couple of months for others.

Utilize Familiar Scent

When you take your cat to a new place, there will be a variety of new and unusual scents that can be distressing to them. To help keep them calm, you can place blankets and other pieces of clothing in their carrier. These can help keep them occupied while getting used to their new surroundings.

Cats tend to be calmer when scents surround them. You can do it by placing their favorite pillows or blankets on their beds.

If you’re following our advice, then make sure that the blanket is still in the crate that it has always been. It ensures that your cat doesn’t get bored of it and doesn’t change its behavior.

Use Pheromones

Various natural and synthetic products on the market can help calm down cats. These products mimic the scent cats release when they are born. You can also use them to calm older cats.

There are various ways to deliver this scent to your cat. For most situations, a collar or spray is the best option. These are both easy to carry and can be used to scent your cat while they are traveling. You can also use the inside of their crate as a base for your scent.

The best choice for these collars is the one made by Sentry. There are other brands out there, but they are all working the same way. The significant differences between them are the structure of the collar and the features that it has.

Stay Nearby Your Feline

Some cats will be calmed by their owner’s presence, while others may not care. However, staying nearby can help them maintain their calm. It can also help them feel more comfortable in their new environment. Some cats may be more stressed out by being away from their owner for a long time, and staying in a new place can make them more anxious.

This idea is that cats will prefer to be with people familiar with them while traveling. However, it can be hazardous to have them stay with someone who doesn’t know much about them.

Do not Rush

If you’re rushing to get your cat into the carrier and stressing about being late, your feline will get even more stressed out. One of the best ways to relieve this stress is to leave early. It will allow your cat to get used to the situation and adjust to it.

When you have enough time, you might want to allow your cat to slowly adjust to the new surroundings before moving on to the next place. For instance, you might want to give your cat enough time to get used to the car before it starts moving. This method won’t make them feel better, but it can help others feel better.


Getting your cat used to riding in the car can be very stressful. However, it’s also essential to prepare your pet so that they can be calm and comfortable during the trip. Having the proper equipment and training can help keep your pet happy and relaxed.

To make your cat’s carrier look like their home, try to make it smell like it does at home. You can do it by adding similar objects to their environment and keeping the surroundings the same. Another way to do this is to make the crate cover itself with a blanket.

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