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About Catman

What could we say about Catman?

– He is maybe one of the biggest cat lovers and loves sharing and hearing stories related to cats.

about Catman

This is a website for all cat lovers and pet enthusiasts.

Feel free to post pictures or videos of your pets, cats, dogs, iguanas, etc. posts that are funny or cute to you and would like to share with other people.
This is an open group for all cat lovers and animal lovers!

Catman loves all cat breeds and supports every cat owner. Please follow us on social media as well.

Our community on Facebook is the best.

Other places you can read about us are Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Please don’t hesitate to write to us with suggestions about what would you like to read. The most popular cats we write about are Maine Coon cats, Norwegian Forest cats, Persian, Siamese. Which one is your favorite?

There are also many interesting stories about different cat breeds and wild cats. Have you heard about a Liger? Or the black tiger maybe? You might want to read about the world’s smallest cat or the most dangerous one. We also got stories from our biggest fans who sent us photos of their cats and we published them.

Cats are just amazing!

*This website is owned and operated by Brankica Dimovska

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