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Meet Mr Peebles The Smallest Cat in the World

mr peebles smallest cat

Have you ever heard about Mr. Peebles – the smallest cat in the world? This cat has been very popular on the Internet for being one of the cats that got into the Guinness Book of World Records. However, it is obvious that the picture of the black-and-white kitten in the hand is Photoshopped. The picture isn’t real, but the kitten is.

This is Mr. Peebles – the smallest cat that got into Guinness:

mr peebles smallest cat

This tiny kitten has been found by the Veterinarian Donna Sassman in Tazewell County, Illinois in a litter with other normal-sized kittens. When she noticed that the cat is too small in comparison to the rest, she decided to take him with her. She assumed that he is malnourished and can’t get to eat from the rest of the cats. But when she got Mr. Peebles to Good Shepherd Veterinary Clinic in Pekin, Illinois, after some examinations she realized that this cat is actually 2 years old.

mr peebles smallest cat

When Dr. Sassman decided to submit an application for Mr Peebles to the Guinness Book of World Records he was 3.1 pounds, 6.1 inches tall, and 19.2 inches from nose to the tip of his tail. So, in 2012, he was recognized as the World’s Smallest Domestic Cat and became a media phenomenon.

mr peebles smallest cat

Due to the fact that this kitten was very small, there were many Photoshopped photos of tiny kittens. The picture above is one of those, as you can imagine it is impossible for a cat to be that small.

Mr Peebles isn’t the only cat that is small because of his genetic defect. Watch this video to find out more about the smallest cats in the world:

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