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Gyra the Deadliest Cat in the World is Also the Smallest

Gyra the deadliest cat

Meet Gyra the deadliest cat in the world – she might look innocent, but she is not. If you have a look at this cat you won’t believe that the smallest cat in the world is a predator. This cat has the nickname Gyra, but we are talking about the African black-footed cat.

Gyra the deadliest cat

Gyra looks like the small version of your neighborhood tabby. However, beneath this adorable innocent-looking feline lies a vicious killer. It is a fact that Gyra the deadliest cat captures more prey in a single night than a leopard does in six months. So, don’t be fooled by its demure stature.

The Latin name of the black-footed cat is felis nigripes and is the smallest cat in Africa. The average weight of this feline is 2.4 to 4.2 pounds and this is 200 times lighter than a typical lion.

Gyra the deadliest cat

This incredible cat was featured in the PBS Nature Miniseries “Super Cats” and they managed to take footage of Gyra. In this footage, you can see how the deadliest cat hunts and what kind of techniques she uses.

Take a look at this preview and enjoy.

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