Adopting a Kitten and a Puppy at the Same Time – Tips and Tricks

kitten and puppy

Most pet lovers usually choose to raise either a puppy or a kitten, but rarely they are getting both of them at the same time. You must be wondering if getting both kitten and puppy together will get along well or not that much. Thus, let’s first see the advantages and disadvantages when having these two cuties living together. 


The main disadvantage to get a puppy and kitten at the same time is that it can be very demanding. It is difficult enough to have only one new baby pet, but imagine having two newborns, and especially if they are different animals – this can be quite a challenge. Another issue that can occur is that it might arise a conflict between both of them when fighting for the territory, especially if you had one of them earlier and already settled in your home alone.


If you cannot choose between kitten and puppy, having both together it’s a possibility and they can get along very well. The best thing is that they can be BFFs forever! They can take care of each other, share love, especially if they are very insecure and big attention seekers. As best buds, they can play together and always look so cute when they show affection to each other!
Also, if you are raising kittens and puppies together, you can housetrain them at the same time, and both can learn from each other too.

kitten and puppy

So as to achieve the perfect harmony between these two adorable pets, I have shared several tips and tricks to make your life easier and enjoy having them both at your home.

Tips and Tricks for Getting a Puppy and a Kitten at the Same Time

Make Sure Both Are at the Same Age

What is the best age for getting a puppy and kitten together?

– When they are still very young!

If they are older, they might have some habits that wouldn’t align with their future housemate. So, make sure you check with the previous owner if they had some behavior issues with other animals. The best thing would be if you get them together from 6 months to 1 year. If they are younger than that, it might be quite difficult for you since they will still be babies and two at the same time can be very demanding.

Prepare a Pre-introduction

Don’t put kittens and puppies together immediately. It’s better to keep them in different rooms before they meet face to face for the first time. As animals, they are getting more comfortable to familiarize themselves with another animal through their scent, you can use an item from your puppy and leave it in your cat’s space to get used to the smell, and vice versa. In this case, once they meet for the first time, they will recognize the smell and will get a familiar and positive feeling.

kitten and puppy

Give Them Time for Their First Meeting

When it’s finally time for your kitten and puppy to be introduced for the first time, make sure you do that slowly. It would be better if you start with brief meetings at first, and every other session to be a bit longer than the previous one. You can start with 10-15 minutes a few times a day at first. In this way, they will not feel threatened and avoid situations such as the puppy getting rough or the kitten getting agitated and scared.

Monitor and Train Them

Never leave your kitten and puppy together alone at the beginning. They will need some time until they establish a good relationship between them until it’s safe to be by themselves. Be like a mom to them, make sure they treat each other well, and are not aggressive. The best way to have them respect each other is to train them. That’s how they would know what they are allowed to do, respect each other’s space, and have discipline at your house and garden. Also, you must be fair as they are your kids, so they will need your attention and affection separately and equally.

Provide Your Kitten and Puppy Their Own Personal Space

Raising kitten and puppy together requires having boundaries between them. Dogs need to be walked a few times a day, but cats need their own private space. You have to be careful to put your cat’s litter box out of reach if you don’t want your puppy to eat some of it. The best way to keep their own personal space is to feed them at the same time. If your puppy and kitten are eating separately at the same time, they won’t bother each other. They will be busy enjoying their own meal in peace and quiet.

kitten and puppy

Consider the Kitten and Puppy Breed

You might also want to consider the breed before you are getting a puppy and kitten together. Not all of the breeds are friendly towards other animals, especially dogs that have a strong prey drive. Therefore, in order to avoid unwanted situations at home, the friendliest dog breeds that most likely will enjoy feline’s company are Poodle, Retrievers, Beagles, Bichon Frise, Spaniels. Same as the dogs, there are some cat breeds that get along better with dogs than others, such as Bengals, Maine Coon, Scottish Fold, Oriental Shorthair, or Birman. However, every pet is different, has its own personality and preferences so if you train them well and make sure they have your attention and love, it wouldn’t always matter its breed.

Even though it’s not an easy thing to do, now you know what to expect when you are adopting a puppy and a kitten at the same time. With the proper preparation and their first introduction, after being patient and making sure you don’t force their friendship, I’m sure your puppy and kitten together can start one beautiful, affectionate and long-term friendship!


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