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Scottish Fold Price, Facts and Personality Traits (VIDEO)

scottish fold price

If you are looking for a sweet and affectionate cat to be your companion in your home then you should probably consider the Scottish fold. Have you seen this cat with folded ears? It’s hard to miss and ignore this interesting cat breed. Especially if you like short-haired felines. So, if you want to learn more about the Scottish fold price and personality, as well as some interesting facts keep on reading.

The first thing to mention about the Scottish fold cats is one of the most popular owners of such cats. Yes, that’s the famous singer Taylor Swift. She has not one, but two Scottish fold cats and is proudly showing pictures of them on social media.

Main Features of Scottish Fold Cats

These loving cats are often compared to owls, teddy bears, or pixies. The main characteristics of Scottish fold cats are their folded ears and big round eyes. This cat is medium-sized and round-looking. Scottish folds have a short coat and they can be tabby, bicolor, or have a solid color. You can find these cats in white, blue, red, silver, tortoiseshell, or black color. In other words, these cats can have all kinds of coat patterns and colors.

white scottish fold
Photo by Ricky Liu from Pexels

Another interesting fact about these cats is that they can be odd-eyed. Most Scottish fold cats have blue, green, or different eyes. Due to the fact that they are short-haired, Scottish folds are easy to groom. However, some cats can also have long hair, so these require a bit more grooming, at least once a week.

Personality Traits

As we’ve already mentioned, Scottish Fold cats are one of the most affectionate cat breeds. They are sweet and love to cuddle and spend time with their owner. Scottish folds are sensitive, but can also be playful cats. These felines love to play and get along well with other cats or dogs in the home. So, if you are considering getting a cat when you already own a dog, don’t hesitate to get a Scottish fold.

Even though they love to play, these cats are not very active which means that you should be careful with their nutrition. Make sure you don’t overfeed them as they can have problems with excessive weight.

Scottish folds are usually quiet cats and can adapt to any type of housing. You can have them in a big house or a smaller apartment. They wouldn’t mind if the place is noisy or quiet – they can be flexible. Just make sure you give them enough attention and affection and you won’t regret it. You will have the perfect cat in your home.

scottish fold price
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Scottish Fold Price

Naturally, if you are interested in getting this type of cat you would need to know the Scottish fold price. So, if you are wondering how much is a Scottish fold cat then the answer is that they can be pricey. On average, a kitten of this type costs from $1000 to $2000.

Still, when adopting a Scottish fold cat it’s important to check the cat breeder. Make sure that they are verified cat breeders and that you are getting a purebred Scottish fold cat.

scottish fold price
Photo by Allie Young from Pexels

Also, the Scottish fold price depends on their markings, bloodline, and their type. Furthermore, it’s important to consider the costs for taking care of Scottish folds. You need to calculate the costs of food, grooming, vet, and pet toys.

To sum up, Scottish fold cats can be an ideal pet for big families. If you are a person who has other pets or if you have kids this would be the right cat for you. With their affectionate nature, Scottish folds can be your loyal and sweet companion.

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