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Don’t Overfeed Your Cats! Cat Obesity is a Huge Problem

cat obesity

One of the things we love to do is spoil our cats. Most of the time we do this through food. We like to please our cats and give them treats all the time. But, what people often tend to ignore is the problem with cat obesity. It seems insignificant to many, but it should actually raise a concern about the cat’s well-being.

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cat obesity

There is an interesting story by Deborah Linder, a doctor at the Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals in Boston. She was shocked when there was a man working in the fitness industry who brought his obese cat for an appointment. Apparently, he was concerned that his cat was weighing almost 20 pounds. It appears that he can control other people’s diet and healthy habits, but can’t do the same for his own cat.

And the only reason is that he couldn’t resist his cat’s meow’s and he had to give her a treat. He was overfeeding her out of love!

Cat obesity is a problem that is neglected and often is not even considered to be a health issue. The problem is that an obese cat can never be a happy cat. Most people love to see their cat fat because it looks cuter to them, more fluffy. Unfortunately, overfeeding your cat can cause many problems for her.

cat obesity

Cat obesity can cause a shorter life span for your cat, pain, decrease their vitality, and even emotional disturbance.

Cat Obesity Can Cause Health Issues

Overfeeding your cat also causes complications in almost every system in their body. They can get diabetes, osteoarthritis, or kidney disease. One of the most serious illnesses your cat can get from being obese is Urinary Tract Disease.

cat obesity

You have to be careful with your cat’s diet. Giving an extra treat won’t make her love you more. And on the other hand, it can be harmful to her. So, you’re not doing yourself nor her a favor.

The best thing to do is to consult with your vet about the most suitable health plan for your cat and stick to it.

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