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Top 3 Most Common Gray Cat Breeds

gray cat breeds

If you want to find out which are the top 3 gray cat breeds you have come to the right place. We will present to you some of the most popular gray cat breeds in the world. Keep on reading to find out more about the personality, looks, and physical characteristics of each cat breed.

British Shorthair

This cat is considered to be one of the most popular cats with short hair and many cat owners consider it the perfect pet. The British Shorthair is affectionate to everyone in the home, but it’s not one of those cats that will get attached to one family member. Above all, this is what makes this cat breed ideal for families with kids because British Shorthairs get along very well with them. It is very playful and curious, a cat that will follow your every step. Many pet owners will agree that British Shorthair cats don’t have the tendency to make a mess or jump around the house too much. For that reason, they can be your ideal pet if you don’t want to spend a fortune on constantly replacing your furniture.

Moreover, these cats are very quiet, and you would rarely hear them meow. This would happen only when necessary – if they are hungry or want to play.

gray cat breeds - british shorthair
Photo by İsra Nilgün Yılmaz from Pexels

Physical Characteristics of British Shorthair

These gray cats are medium-sized, have wide necks and muscular bodies. What’s most notable about them is that they are round with big cheeks and beautiful round eyes. British Shorthairs can have eyes in blue, green, yellow, or even orange color. Their fur is smooth like velvet mainly because they spend a lot of time grooming themselves. In fact, they make their own fur to be soft and shiny.

Average Weight

Male British Shorthair has an average weight of 15 to 20lbs, while the female gray cat can weigh from 8 to 13lbs.


Finally, one of the best things about British Shorthairs is that they are low maintenance. This gray cat breed is not needy, it doesn’t require any special treatment. Grooming is easy, all you need to do is brush them once or twice a week. Compared to the longhaired cats such as Maine Coons or Persian cats, the British Shorthairs are practical. Taking care of them won’t cost you that much and it won’t be time-consuming. If you take care of them properly the lifespan of these gray cats is from 13 to 21 years.

Russian Blue Cat

The cat that will win your heart with its beautiful blue eyes, velvety silver fur, and wonderful personality is the Russian Blue cat. It’s no surprise that the Russian blue cat is one of the most wanted gray cat breeds and mainly due to its elegance and affectionate nature. This cat will change your life completely and fill it with joy and beautiful friendship.


Undoubtedly, the Russian Blue cat has a specific appearance with an elegant and at the same time muscular body and shiny shorthaired fur. These gray cats are the real charmers in the cat’s world and their ears are a bit bigger than in most domestic cats. Russian blue cats have big round eyes in an emerald green color like no other cat.

gray cat breeds - russian blue cat
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels


If you are looking for a loyal companion – the Russian blue cat is the right cat for you. This gray cat will follow you everywhere you go and be by your side at all times. In the way that it is attached to its owner, the Russian Blue cat has similar characteristics to dogs. This cat will be your real friend and be loyal to you. Russian blue cats get attached to people and not territory, so if you are an adventurist this gray cat will be an ideal companion.

Similar to the British Shorthair, these cats are easy to be taken care of – don’t require any special treatment or grooming. There is even a belief that Russian Blue cats bring well-being and happiness where ever they go. Some even believe that they are healers.

Scottish Fold & Scottish Strait

Scottish Fold cat is a relative of the British Short Oriental cats. This gray cat breed first appeared in 1961. It’s enough to say that it’s a ’round beauty’ because it’s round in any way. The Scottish Fold will win your heart with its folded ears and its big round eyes. Due to these characteristics, it is known as the cat with a ‘baby face’.


These gray cats are very affectionate cats who like to cuddle, but also play. Scottish Folds are moderately active and very curious and intelligent. They love toys so you can enjoy playing games with them. Similar to the British Shorthair these cats are attached to the entire family and not just one person. One of the games they enjoy playing is ‘hide and seek’, but love to cuddle as well. Scottish Folds expect to get daily affection from everyone in the family and they are simply adorable. What separates them from the other cat breeds is the fact that they get along well with dogs. Therefore, if you already have a dog and you consider getting a cat – Scottish Fold is the cat for you.

gray cat breeds - scottish fold
Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

For those of you who are looking for a gentle and dear cat, a cat that will win your heart with its independence and beauty, Scottish Fold is the perfect cat. This cat is a real source of fun for the entire family because of their constant desire to play and cuddle. They are not needy or annoying, but affectionate which makes them adorable.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong in choosing any of these gray cat breeds as your pets. All of these cats are beautiful and loyal to their owners, so it will be a real pleasure having them in your home.

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