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Russian Blue Cat: Facts and Personality Traits

russian blue cat

With its outstanding beauty and mesmerizing eyes, the Russian blue cat is one of the most beautiful cats. So, do you know everything about Russian blue? Let’s see!

What we might never know for certain is the origin of the Russian blue cats, however, it probably comes from Russia due to its thick and double layer coat that suggests that they would be able to survive the cold climate there. Other people believe that they come from Sweden, but one thing is for sure, they were brought to the UK and later on to the USA when they finally started to show off their beauty.

Physical Attributes of the Russian Blue

Russian blue cats are very famous because of two main things.

Firstly, because of their silver-blue coat which is shorthaired and very thick. It’s extremely plush, silky and so soft. If you run your fingers through a Russian blue cat’s fur, you can make a pattern that remains until you smooth them again. They are also very athletic with their muscular long body and neck, which you might not notice at first as it’s hidden with its fur. Also, having their long legs, they are very fast runners. Russian blue has a triangular-shaped head, a straight nose with pointed ears.

russian blue cat
Image by smarko from Pixabay

The other distinctive feature that the Russian blue has to other cats is their stunning emerald-color eyes. As kittens, these cats have a yellowish color, and once they mature, their eyes get a bright green color, and with the round and beautiful shape, once you lay your eyes on them, you are in love!

Personality Traits

The Russian blue is a very sweet and loyal cat that will follow you everywhere you go and will wait for you by the door when you are coming back home. This beauty is curious but calm and it is known to be very shy at first. That is because this cat is cautious and reserved, so she would need a bit of time to form a real bond with you. Usually, this breed chooses one favorite person in the family, however, the Russian blue cat shows affection to the whole family and expects the same back. This sensitive cat can get very nervous and anxious if she is ignored and doesn’t get the attention she wants. Also, she doesn’t like strangers and strange environments and has a tendency to be startled easily if she’s not feeling comfortable.

Russian blues love to play, so if you think about getting this elegant and smart cat that also has outstanding memory, make sure you have plenty of toys to enjoy. They are very social and would like to play with you, but at the same time they wouldn’t mind staying home alone all day, but once you’re back, they want you to spend time with them too.

russian blue cat
Image by VS_star from Pixabay

Fun rumors and facts about the Russian Blue Cats

  • One interesting rumor about this Russian breed is that they descended from the cats that the Russian tsars kept in the past, and were hunting the brown bear.
  • If you thought that Tom from Tom & Jerry is actually a Russian blue cat, you were absolutely right!
  • The Russian blue has a famous adorable mouth that looks like and now is also known as the breed with the famous Mona Lisa smile.
  • There are some of the Russian blues that are born with stripes, but once they grow older, they disappear.
  • Another interesting fact about the Russian blue cat is that they are very particular with hygiene. If their litter box is dirty, they won’t even enter the box until you clean it.

The Russian blue cat has these so elegant and luxurious looks and loveable personality, that once you meet them, you can’t resist them. I believe that there is no cat lover in the world that hasn’t fallen for these cats.

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