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10 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Cat Lady

dating a cat lady

Do you think that dating a cat lady is easy? Well, I have to say that it can be if you read this article carefully. There are a few things that you must know before you go ahead and ask a cat lady out. Just have in mind that cat ladies are creatures that might appear weird to some people, but they are very special.

dating a cat lady

1. This Woman Proudly Wears the Title “A Cat Lady”

Don’t be fooled that they are embarrassed by being called cat ladies. The relationship between a woman and her cat is unique, similar to a man and his dog in a story by Jack London. In this case, the woman sits on the couch watching TV with her cat. They are both independent but enjoy each other’s company.

dating a cat lady

2. Cats Are More Emotionally Intelligent Than Man

When dating a cat lady, don’t send her idiotic text messages. She won’t think twice to ignore you and get comfortable with her cat. She will understand.

3. Don’t Comment on How Much She Spends on Cat Food

This is a red area where you shouldn’t even think about going. Forget about the judgmental comments like: “You spent so much money on fancy kibbles?” Trust me, you won’t see her name on your phone again.

dating a cat lady

4. The Same Goes for Illness

If you’re dating a cat lady and she is worried about her cat’s health, don’t ever say that it’s nothing. Trying to minimize the medical problem will only make things worse.

5.When Dating a Cat Lady, Don’t Expect Too Many Parties

Sorry, but you must realize that the girls who love cats are often antisocial. They would much rather sit at home with their cats (or with you and the cats) than go out and meet people.

6. Don’t Pretend to Be Allergic to Cats

Some guys (and people in general) often say they are allergic to cats simply because they can’t stand them. They use this as an excuse not to be around them. If you are one of those guys, well, move along. The cat lady will recognize if you are lying.

7. But if You Do Love Cats…

Well, this goes without saying. If you are a cat lover too, well, there is no need to explain that her heart is open for you.

dating a cat lady

8. Don’t Interrupt Her Cat Stories

As a cat lady, she will tell you so many stories about her cats. Don’t think about changing the subject or interrupting her in the middle of the story.

9. It Would Be Nice to Ask Her About Them

Showing interest in her cats will make her feel so happy. She will appreciate it even if she knows that you are just being kind.

And the most important thing to remember is that…

10. You Are Replaceable, but Cats Are Permanent!

So, if you do any of these things or don’t accept her cats, you can kiss her goodbye!

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