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Can Cats Protect Against Negative Energy?

can cats protect against negative energy

To understand why the old Egyptians have worshiped cats and considered them Gods, it’s important to know what kind of powers they have. What can cats actually do for us? Due to our busy lifestyles, and too many concerns about work, activities, and stress, we aren’t really able to notice the signs of negative energy in our homes. However, if you have a cat in your home you can rest assured that this divine creature will sense the negative energy and protect you from it. All you need to do is observe your cat and read their signs. Here are some of the ways in which cats protect us against negative energy.

What Are Cats Trying to Tell Us With Their Behavior?

If your cat gets upset when you come home or it shows some signs of agitation something is not right. The cat is trying to tell you that it recognized negative energy. This can mean that you have been in a stressful situation before you came back home or had an argument with someone. Not only will your cat react to your stress, but she will also try to calm you down. For example, you may notice your cat following you in every room, sitting next to you, and cuddling with you. In this way, cats protect you against that negative energy. In other words, she will help you get rid of the negative thoughts and stress.

Cat is Staring in One Place

It must have happened to you that you receive a present from someone and your cats won’t take their eyes off it. In most cases, this means that the object holds negative energy. That’s the reason why your cat will stare at it trying to point out to you that the specific object is not good for you and you should get rid of it.

The Cat Shows an Aggressive Behavior

Most cats are very attached to their owners and this makes her sense your mood. If you are extremely anxious or stressed about something your cat will start acting in the same way. So, if your cat becomes aggressive or starts scratching your furniture or destroying it this may be a result of your own behavior or state of mind. By behaving this way, your cat is trying to show you that she is affected by your mood and that you should calm down.

When You Are Sick the Cat Won’t Leave Your Side

As sensitive as cats can be, they can feel when something is wrong with their owner. Therefore, if you get sick your cat will certainly be next to you to comfort you and stay by your side. And what’s most interesting in this behavior is that cats can detect specific painful spots. For instance, if you have pain in your stomach your cat will probably lay on it and even start kneading you there. Using this method, cats are trying to make you feel better and help you heal.

Your Cat is Aggressive Towards a Guest

If you notice that your cat starts to behave aggressively towards a person who is visiting you, it is very likely that this person has bad intentions. In these instances, cats can even start hissing at these people that they feel have bad intentions. They will be negative toward them to protect you. Cats have great intuition and can easily recognize negative energy.

cats protect against negative energy

How Do Cats Protect Against Negative Energy

Cats are considered to be home guardians since the dawn of time. We all know that they can protect the home from evil spirits. The area where cats live is blessed with positive energy. Moreover, cats can sense when the energy is changed and when they feel that the first thing they do is to try and determine the risks. According to spiritualists, if there are evil spirits in your home the cat will tend to understand their intentions and get rid of them using its astral abilities. One thing that you can do to help is to burn incense around the critical areas.

Another belief is that cats can protect you from any type of negative influence. So, if you are often surrounded by negative people it is advised that you pet your cat with both hands. Start from its left paw and move down to its tail. Spiritualists claim that this is the most effective way of protecting yourself against negative energy.

On top of that, cats bring a great amount of positive energy to your home. They are also considered cosmic energy mediums. Simply put, if your cat is happy you will constantly have positive energy around you and a life filled with love.

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