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8 Scientific Proofs – Why You Should Get a Cat

why should you get a cat

Most cat owners know that having a cat is good for them. This article is for everyone else who thinks that if you own a cat you don’t really have any benefits. So, find out why you should get a cat today! Read the following facts that are scientifically proven to be true and made people consider getting one for themselves.

1. Cats help you cope with the loss.

When you lose someone usually it’s very difficult to get better and feel good. Having your friends and family near most of the time helps, but if you live with a feline she will definitely help you in coping with the pain. Cats have shown to be more helpful in getting over the loss quickly. They are the social support that human needs and people reported that they feel better when they talk to their cats and express their emotions because they won’t respond and won’t judge – which makes it easier for them to let their feelings out.

2. Why you should get a cat? – It is good for your health.

Cats lower the stress level for people which is good for their heart. So, if you decide to get yourself a cat, you will have fewer chances of getting heart disease. Your cat will keep you calm, they usually sense when you are upset and will come to you to cuddle and comfort you. A study showed that cat owners were 30 % less likely to die of a heart attack than the rest. Cat owners are more relaxed and get less stressed.

why you should get a cat

3. Cats keep you company.

An Austrian study conducted in 2003 showed that owning a cat is an emotional equivalent to having a romantic partner. This means that when you live with a cat you never feel lonely. Most people believe that only dogs are the pets that provide companionship, but that’s just a stereotype. Cats do the same. Another interesting fact is that their purr noise sounds similar to a baby’s cry and because we are programmed to react to children’s distress we can’t ignore a cat’s cry for attention. This is another way of this animal making you good company.

4. They help you sleep better.

Some studies in the UK show that some people prefer sleeping with cats than with their partners. They reported that they sleep better with their cat.

having a cat

5. It means fewer allergies.

In 2002, there was research conducted by the National Institutes of Health that showed that children under 1 year of age that were exposed to cats were less likely to develop allergies.

6. Cat owners are smart!

A survey in Britain that was done in 2010 showed that cat owners were more likely to get a college degree than dog owners. However, this doesn’t show that your pets make you smarter, but the fact that you decided to have this pet means you are a smarter person. Smarter people tend to work longer hours and since cats require less attention, it’s more convenient for them to live with a cat, than a dog. It’s safe to say that cat owners are smarter than dog owners.

7. Owning a cat can help you get a partner!

If you are single and get a partner – get yourself a cat! Especially if you are a man, women said agreed that they are more attracted to men who own cats and like animals in general. Even though owning a dog will help you dating, 90 % of single women said that men with cats are nicer. If you list that you are a cat person on your dating profile and can get you many responses. But, don’t get one just to get a girl – remember that you have to take care of your pet for a lifetime.

why you should get a cat

8. It helps the environment.

Cats eat less than dogs in general. Therefore you will need fewer resources to feed them and they will also eat fish and not just meat.

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