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Tuxedo Cat Personality: Are They the Smartest Cats?

tuxedo cat personality

Do you know the smartest cats of all? – They sure look smart with their coat. Tuxedo cats got their name specifically due to their fur pattern that resembles a suit. It seems that the tuxedo cat personality is also similar to their looks – smart and intelligent.

Most tuxedo cats are black and white, but they can come in other colors as well. Still, they are only bicolored. Other variations of tuxedo cats can be grey and white, orange and white, or even tortoiseshell with white. So as you can notice all tuxedo cats are white with a tuxedo in a different color. Some also call these cats tuxies. Their main feature is that their bellies, paws, and chest are white, and the rest of their fur is in a black, orange, or grey color.

tuxedo cat personality
Photo by Juls from Pexels

Tuxedo Cat is not a Specific Cat Breed

Many different cat breeds can be tuxedo cats. In other words, a tuxedo is not a cat breed, but just a fur pattern. Just as orange tabby cats, or calico cats, tuxedo cats also have certain characteristics that are specific to them. Tuxedo cat personality is unique and is usually combined with the traits of the cat breed.

Therefore you can see tuxies in American Shorthair, Maine Coon cats, Turkish Angora, or British Shorthair. It’s also worth mentioning that it is not a prerequisite that both parents are tuxedos so the kitten can get this pattern. In most cases, if only one of the parents is a tuxedo it can pass it on to the offspring. Sometimes a tuxedo cat can be born even if neither of the parents has this pattern.

tuxedo cat personality
Image by chris ww from Pixabay

Tuxedo Cat Personality Traits

Undoubtedly, these cats are considered to be more intelligent than any regular cat. Some facts confirming this statement are that tuxedo cats are very good swimmers, even though they hate water. Or the fact that they are born with eyes open, unlike other kittens. But most importantly, tuxedo cats are very friendly, affectionate, and loyal. Some of them are even dog-like because they can get attached to their owners and enjoy their company.

Tuxedo cats love to play and are very outgoing. They even get along well with other cats and dogs. So, if you have other pets in your home don’t hesitate to get a tuxedo as well. Even if you have children – these cats like them too.

tuxedo cats
Image by Lauren Hudgins from Pixabay

We all know the popular Sylvester from Looney Tunes – the beautiful tuxedo black and white cat. Or the Cat in the Hat from Dr. Seuss. And who doesn’t know our favorite grey tuxedo cat from Tom & Jerry cartoon? In fact, most cats in movies or cartoons are bicolored or tuxedo.

Moreover, many celebrities owned this type of cat such as William Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton, or Beethoven.

Finally, whether they are the smartest or not, tuxedo cats are affectionate and loyal cats. Many cat owners have claimed that they make an ideal pet and everyone would be lucky to have a tuxedo cat in their home.

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