Kitten with Enlarged Head was Saved and Can’t Stop Purring

kitten with enlarged head

A special kitten with an enlarged head was lucky to be rescued. He was supposed to be euthanized because of his condition, however, he was saved. The story has been reported by the vet who saved the kitten. The tiny feline was so grateful for being rescued that he couldn’t stop purring lying in the doctor’s pocket.

kitten with enlarged head

They named the small creature Roger. He was brought to the Kern County Animal Services where the staff noticed that he has an eye infection and an enlarged head. Normally, cats with these conditions are euthanized, but this little fella was obviously fighting for his life!

kitten with enlarged head

Dr. Arnold was the one that accepted the challenge of treating the kitten with an enlarged head. This condition is called Hydrocephalus and even with this type of disability, Roger has a will to live. He doesn’t give up.

“He tackles life and gets stronger everyday!” – says Dr Arnold.

kitten with enlarged head

After she treated Roger he was ready to go to a foster home. Even though he might look weird, he loves to cuddle and can’t stop purring.

“This little guy came into the shelter tiny… but Roger isn’t letting any of that slow him down! He’s in foster care getting stronger everyday.”

What do you think about Roger?

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