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Can Cats Eat Lettuce? Why My Cat Loves It?

can cats eat lettuce

You never thought that cats can eat greens? – Well, they really can and absolutely like it!
It’s not only you who love lettuce, but they too enjoy having it in their meals. Still, the main question is can cats eat lettuce?

Cats do not need lettuce to survive like they need meat. They are not like us, they can eat only flesh, and won’t miss vegetables at all!

However, it’s absolutely fine if you give your feline friend lettuce once in a while.
Even when they are playing in the garden, they can eat from the grass, but that might not be such a good idea, because of the toxic chemicals in there, so don’t be surprised if they vomit after. The grass is fine as it is, it’s the pesticides on it that can cause sickness to your kitten. On the other hand, the lettuce is safe and very healthy for them, only if you give it in small portions. If it’s the first time you give your feline friend a salad, their digestive system would need to adjust to the new diet. The reason behind this is indigestion. If the lettuce is eaten in large amounts, it can have a laxative effect.

So, it is proven that cats eat meat and cannot survive without it. However, sometimes they like to have a salad as well. Give them a few leaves of lettuce with their main meal, they will love it!

Why Do They Love Lettuce? Can Cats Eat Lettuce?

Cats like greens. To begin with the grass, they like to have a bite, but they often vomit afterward. The reason behind it is that it is often treated with chemicals. Lettuce, on the other hand, is a green vegetable and, as it has so many benefits for you, it has for your cat too. Firstly and very importantly, you know it is chemical-free!

There are several benefits that your kittens get by eating lettuce and I shared them with you just below.

Benefits of Lettuce for Your Cat

Source for hydration – it cannot replace the water, but the lettuce leaves have high levels of water, 96%. Anyway, the lettuce cannot replace the water they need to drink to stay hydrated, so make sure your cat is drinking it enough.

Digestion – as lettuce is rich in dietary fiber it can help with digestion. To be more specific, it improves the activity of your cat’s digestive enzymes and bowel movements. However, never give in big amounts, as mentioned earlier, it can have the opposite effect.

Cat’s weight – one way to know how to not overfeed a cat – if you add lettuce in your cat’s meal, you will manage its weight. As the lettuce has fewer calories, it is great if you want to help your obese cat with its diet.

Preventing lots of diseases – as it is full of antioxidants, vitamin A and C, it will increase their immunity! It can prevent many chronic diseases, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis

Will avoid eating the toxic grass and other plants – if you feed your cat with lettuce on a regular basis, they will not have the need to eat or play with the grass or destroy your houseplants.

Variety in cat’s diets – cats love having a variety in their diets. They want to try new things, so giving them lettuce as a snack from time to time would make a big difference in their regular meals.

can cats eat lettuce

What Greens Can Cats Eat?

Besides the lettuce, there are other greens that are safe for your cat to have.

Cabbage – it’s safe to eat in small amounts, same as the lettuce. It has Vitamin B6, magnesium, and calcium and prevents cancer. If you give your cat a bigger portion of cabbage, it can cause uncomfortable gas for the cat and can cause problems and negative effects on the thyroid function.

Broccoli – you want to give your cat broccoli? Do that! It also helps with digestion and prevents cancer. However, to avoid gastrointestinal disease, better boil the natural broccoli before you give it as a snack to your furry friend. They are also full of antioxidants.

Spinach – can cats eat spinach? Of course, they can! if you give your furry friend spinach, do that in moderation as the lettuce. It can prevent heart disease, cancer, it can improve your cat’s eyesight, and help with digestion.

Cucumber – moderation is the key when it comes to this vegetable as well. Cucumbers are rich in Vitamin K, it’s good for the cat’s liver, and it also helps with the fight against overweight. However, make sure you peel the cucumber before you give it to your kitten, it might be hard to digest.

Carrots – perfectly safe for cats, however, you should chop them into small pieces and boil them to avoid choking. Carrots have beta carotene and are also full of vitamins and minerals.

Green beans and peas – great for cats too, full of fiber, and great for cat’s diet.

Keep in mind that with all of the vegetables that are safe for your cat to eat, you must be careful how much you give them. Only a small portion or just add it with the main cat’s dish and this should be more than enough.

Last but not least, HOW to give lettuce to your kitty:

  • Always cut in small pieces;
  • Boil or steam in moderate heat, but avoid adding any spices. Try to avoid giving any salad dressing to your cat, they are not always easy to digest and sometimes can be poisonous; 
  • Try more than once if your kitty would have it from the first time you give it;
  • You can also try to give different types of lettuce, they are all safe for cats if you give your feline friend in moderation;
  • Add it next to the cat’s regular meal.

So now, as you know that your kitty can have some lettuce in its diet and it is perfectly safe and valuable, what are you waiting for? Go and prepare a snack with nice chopped lettuce leaves salad! Add some healthy variety to your cat’s diet!

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