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Losing a Cat is More Painful Than Many People Think

losing a cat

If you ask any cat lover how do they feel after losing a cat, they would all agree that this means great pain. Every person who owns a cat can admit how connected they feel with the cat and that the cats are considered family.

losing a cat

Cats are the perfect companion. They are faithful, always waiting for you to come back home so they can cuddle and just be with you. These pets are usually great with kids, they like to play and when they are next to you, you feel loved. They show affection and can even heal with their purring.

losing a cat

Literally, cats are part of your family. And what happens when you lose a family member? Well, of course, it’s devastating.

To find out how much do cat lovers really grieve when they lose a cat, there has been some research. Members of the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico have carried out a study. They were questioning cat owners about their feelings after losing a cat.

losing a cat

The results, of course, have shown that their feelings were too intense to handle. This pain has been compared to losing a loved one.

There was also another study conducted by Hawaiian researchers. They found out that the pain of losing a cat is felt much longer than the pain of losing a loved one. These people just cannot compare the pain they are experiencing to the one after the loss of a loved one.

The reason for this often is that cat owners feel their cats as their soul mates. Cats are always there for them and are loyal, so it’s much more difficult to lose them.

Saying Goodbye

The hardest part is saying goodbye to your cat. Especially if they are sick and need to be euthanized it really is a traumatic experience.

Losing a cat is like losing your best friend or family and no one would like to experience that.

Share a cat that you lost and you are still missing so much.

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