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Siberian Cat: Fun Facts and Personality Traits

siberian cat

If you want a cat that you will admire at its beauty every day then you need to get a Siberian cat. This absolutely gorgeous and interesting cat looks like she came out of a fairytale. And it will definitely enchant you with its beauty and elegance. The name itself suggests its origin, although this cat was found throughout Russia and it is known for over 1000 years. Let’s see what are the main personality traits of the Siberian cat and its origin.

Legends of Siberian Cats

Are you familiar with Russian tales? If you have ever read them you are probably aware of the fact that Siberian cats are an inevitable part of them. In legends, they are portrayed as guides to the underworld. It is also believed that the Siberian cat is the symbol of house guardians. Therefore, when you buy or build a house the first one to enter it should be the cat. On top of that, another belief is that the place where the cat sleeps has the purest energy. In that place, you should place your bed because the cats can sense good energy.

One of the most legendary cats is Bajun, the cat who was the leader of wolves and bears in the wide Siberian woods. Based on the legends, Bajun was sitting on a tree, singing and stopping everyone who would pass by. He would give them a riddle and then lead them to the evil witch grandma Yaga.

siberian cat in the woods

The Beautiful Fur of the Siberian Cats

Generally speaking, the Siberian cat is considered to be a longhaired cat. However, this cat breed belongs to the medium long-haired breeds and this mainly depends on the season. In winter, when in Siberia the temperature is extremely low, their fur is thick and rich to protect them from the cold weather. As the season ends, the Siberian cats start shedding, their old fur is replaced with a thinner one. This makes them appear fuzzy and like they are shorthaired.

Physical Characteristics

These cats have a pleasant look and they will simply fascinate you with it. Siberian cats have almond-like eyes and can have a different color. Specific eye color can have the Neva Masquerade cat breed which is a sub-breed of Siberian cats. These cats usually have blue eyes. Siberian cats are quite big and strong and they reach adulthood at the age of 5. They have beautiful fur around their neck which is becoming more notable as they grow older.

One of their most specific characteristics is their tail which has long hair and it’s beautiful. In addition, they have long hair between their toes which protects their paws from the cold.

Similar to Maine Coon cats, Siberian cats need to be groomed 2 to 3 times a week. However, in the shedding period, it’s necessary to brush them more often. These cats can have all kinds of colors on their fur except for chocolate or cinnamon.

Siberian Cat Personality Traits

A very common question related to this cat breed is whether the Siberian cats are aggressive. The answer to that is no, and in fact, they love to cuddle and are easily compared to Maine Coon cats when it comes to personality. They are extremely gentle and well-natured and they get very attached to their owners. Moreover, they get along well with other pets, so if you have other pets in your home (specifically dogs) there’s nothing to be worried about. The Siberian cat will get along well with your dog.

Siberian cats are known for their high degree of intelligence and they enjoy playing games. They don’t make a mess in the home except for an occasional shedding which can be controlled by regular brushing. Don’t be surprised if you see your Siberian cat getting its paws in water. This cat breed is fascinated by water, so if you have a pool be sure that you will have a swimming partner.

Hypoallergenic Cats

We all know that there are many people who can’t have cats in their homes due to allergies. These allergies are usually caused by the protein FEL D1. Scientists have determined that this cat has a lower level of this protein in its saliva. For that reason, if you are allergic to cats you should consider spending some time with a Siberian cat before adopting one. It’s important to be in the same room with them for some period of time and see if you get an allergic reaction. If there isn’t one then you can go ahead and get a Siberian cat.

Average Weight and Lifespan

When it comes to weight, adult male Siberian cats are 15 to 20lbs heavy, while the females can be 8 to 13lbs. These cats have an average lifespan of 11 to 15 years and female cats usually give birth to 4 to 6 kittens.

Would you consider getting a Siberian cat?

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