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Norwegian Forest Cats vs. Maine Coon – How to Recognize Them?

norwegian forest cats

You have probably heard about Norwegian Forest cats before and know how they look like. They are one of the biggest cat breeds together with Maine Coon cats. For that reason, many people are having difficulties recognizing the cat breed. If you have heard about both cat breeds, it is very likely that you can’t really know if you see a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Well, we would like to help you learn what are the differences between these two cat breeds. Also to learn how to recognize the Maine Coon cats versus the Norwegian Forest cats.

norwegian forest cats

Before you hear about their differences, first let’s see what we know about their similarities. Both look fluffy with their long and thick coats which keep them warm. Their origin is from cold areas, so this is understandable. Also, Norwegian Forest cats and Maine Coon are both big cats, bigger than the average.

Their personality is quite similar as well, both are outgoing and loving which makes them perfect as family pets. Having this in mind, their best friends are the kids.

However, in order for you to recognize them, you need to know their physical differences.

norwegian forest cats
Norwegian Forest cat

The Shape of Their Head Is Different

The best way to determine whether the cat is a Norwegian Forest or a Maine Coon is by its head. To be more precise – the shape of the head. The first has a triangular head with a flat forehead, while the latter has a wedge-like shaped head.

Maine Coon cat

Norwegian Forest Cats Have a Double-Coat

Even though both cat breeds have a big coat, it is quite different. Maine Coon cats have a shorter length and much rougher coat than the Norwegian. Their coat is shorter especially around the neck, while the Norwegian Forest cats have a gorgeous ruff around their necks. Also, their coat is silkier and water-repellant. They have a double coat, and the Maine Coon have only a short undercoat.

Norwegian Forest Cat

They Have Different Tails

One of the most beautiful parts of these cats is their tail. There are differences here as well. Both have long and fluffy tails. When you measure the tail of a Norwegian forest, it has the same length as the body from the shoulder to the base of the tail. The length of the tail of the Maine Coon is the same, but its hair is bushy and long from the base to the tip.

Norwegian Forest cats

These cats are very gracious and lynx-like. Due to their size and look, it seems as though they are wildcats. This is one of the reasons why many people like them. Which one would you prefer to have?

Norwegian Forest cats in the wild
Norwegian Forest cat (left) vs. Maine Coon cat (right)

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