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Maine Coon Cats Life Expectancy: Average Lifespan

maine coon cats life expectancy

One of the first things you think about when you see a Maine Coon cat is ‘wow look at its size’. Indeed, these cats are huge compared to the other domestic cats. However, one of the most common questions that come up is what is Maine Coon cats’ life expectancy. Many people would like to know how long do Maine Coon cats live.

Before we answer this question it’s important to be aware of some of their main characteristics and origin. Let’s start with their background.

Origin of Maine Coon Cats

Just as its name suggests, the Maine Coon cat’s name originates from the state of Maine, a place where this cat has been known as a skillful mice hunter. Moreover, it is said that these cats were very skilled in capturing rabbits. In essence, Maine Coon cats are a natural cat breed and their origin is not really known. There are some assumptions that they are brought to the United States by the Vikings. On the other hand, some believe that Marie Antoinette personally sent them to the US, however, this is not verified. One of the most interesting theories is that Maine Coon cats originate from crossbreeding of raccoons and domestic cats.

Whatever their origin, these majestic cats are some of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

maine coon cats lifespan

Main Characteristics of Maine Coons

Above all, Maine Coon cats are called the ‘gentle giants’ and the main reason for that is their kind nature. Maine coon cats aren’t aggressive, and they are always friendly with people and other cats. They can be your best friend who will never let you down. Maine Coon cats get well with kids, they simply adore them and enjoy playing with them.

Maine Coon Cats Life Expectancy

Now onto our main question – how long can Maine Coon cats live? If you take care of them well, Maine Coon cats can live a long life. On average, they can live from 15 to 20 years if they have a high-quality life. So, if you are wondering what is the lifespan of Maine Coon cats it’s important to think about the best ways to take care of them. These cats need to have a good diet, regular grooming, and of course, they need a lot of love from their owners.

How to Take Care of Your Maine Coon to Extend Their Lifespan

In order to help them live longer, you need to take care of Maine Coon cats properly.


First things first, pay attention to their fur. Maine Coons have a long silky fur that needs to be brushed 3 to 4 times a week. In that way, you will remove dead tissues and hair, but make sure to use the brush carefully and gently, especially on their stomach and tail. These are the places where these cats are most sensitive. Still, it’s worth noting that Maine Coons love to be groomed so they will enjoy when you brush them.


Another requirement in their care is to bathe them regularly. It is recommended that you bathe your cat once a month and start doing that when it is still a kitten so it gets used to it. Also, if you bathe your Maine Coon when necessary their fur won’t be greasy or rough.

maine coon life expectancy

When it comes to their teeth, if you wash them often you will avoid periodontal diseases. Again it’s a good idea to start doing this with your cat when still a kitten so it will get used to getting its teeth brushed twice a week.

Don’t forget about the litter box. Make sure to clean it regularly, otherwise, it can ruin your Maine Coon cat’s fur.

These cats can get eye infections if you don’t clean them well or often enough. For that reason, it’s important to use a clean and wet towel to clean the eyelids and around the eyes so they don’t get boogers. Don’t forget to check their ears and if they have some dirt use cotton to clean them. Avoid using cotton buds because they may destroy their inner ear.

Bottom Line

Maine Coon cats can be a bit more demanding when it comes to caring compared to other cat breeds. Mainly the reason for that is their size and of course the length of their fur. However, all of that is worth it when you get a friend for life if you have a Maine Coon cat in your home. This cat will fill your life with love.

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