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New Cat Breed That Act Like Dogs – Werewolf Cats

Werewolf cats

This is something we’ve never heard before – werewolf cats! Meet the new cat breed that is very expensive due to its uniqueness. Their original name is Lykoi cats, a name that is derived from the Greek word for wolf.

werewolf cats

These interesting cats, not only do they look like werewolf they act like them. Or to be more precise they act like dogs. Lykoi cats have a natural mutation that gives them a scruffy-looking wolf appearance.

werewolf cats

A veterinarian called Johnny Gobble has bred the werewolf cats together with his wife Brittany back in 2010. They are now the main breeder of this kind.

The first person who got the first litter of these cats was Patti Thomas and she came up with their name. Gobble stated that their founding cats came from two litters that were unrelated. This is a natural mutation from a domestic shorthair.

UC Davis has done DNA testing to confirm that the cats do not carry the Sphynx/Devon gene.

Due to the naturally occurring mutation of the black domestic shorthairs, these Lykoi cats have no hair around their eyes, nose, ears, and muzzle. They also go through some periods of patchy hair.

werewolf cats

This mutation prevents them from developing undercoats and they can’t grow a full coat of hair.

Lykoi cats have friendly dog-like characteristics but are wild and feral cats. They are very smart and conscious about everything around them. If you are not a fan of dogs – this is not the cat breed for you.

These cats can be clingy, but if they notice that they aren’t getting your attention, they will find their own way to have fun.

Lykoi Cats Are Very Expensive Because They Are Rare

At present, there are only 32 Lykoi normal shows in the world, and 22 Lykoi colored non-standard shows. And only 7 licensed breeders in the world. Due to their uniqueness, these cats are very expensive.

Lykoi cats are so rare that people have to sign up on a waiting list to get this type of cat. The price of a blue lykoi kitten begins at $1,500, for a black tuxedo lykoi you need to pay from $1,800 and up. The most expensive is the black roan Lykoi cat and their price starts at $2,500.

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