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Meet the Chinchilla Persian Cat Wilfred Warrior

chinchilla persian

If you haven’t heard about the Chinchilla Persian cat breed, we would like to show you their representative, Wilfred Warrior. With 1.1m followers on Instagram, Wilfred is one of the most popular cats on the Internet. Wilfred is a specific type of Persian cat that originates from London. This cat breed has first been shown in 1894 in Crystal Palace, England. It is one of a kind because it comes only in white color and emerald green eyes. Looks familiar? – Of course, you can see these traits in Wilfred.

chinchilla persian

This is a very unusual cat, not the type you see every day and this is the reason why it’s so popular. Wilfred lives in London and it became famous due to his unique look, you just can’t ignore him. This Chinchilla Persian has the pedigree name – Fearless Warrior, but you can find him by his first name – Wilfred. You have to admit, he doesn’t really look fearless and he is even weirder after a shower. But he’s still adorable! Because of his unusual looks and the big eyes that make him look crazy people love him! The Internet simply went crazy over Wilfred.

Take a look at his photos and enjoy them. You can also follow him on Instagram and check out his website as well. Wilfred Warrior sometimes looks sad, on rare occasions. But, let’s see what type of cats really are Chinchilla Persian cats.

chinchilla persian

Characteristics of the Chinchilla Persian Cat

In general, the Chinchilla Persian cat is considered to be the most beautiful cat with facial features that resemble a doll. When you see Wilfred this is not the first thing that comes to your mind probably, however, that’s the reason why he is so unique and everyone likes him. We already mentioned that these cats always have green eyes (or blue-green eyes) and the eye rims, lips, and nose are outlined in black or blue. So, if you see a white Persian cat with green eyes that looks like a beautiful doll it probably is a Chinchilla Persian.

chinchilla persian

There are two main types of Chinchilla cats depending on their coats according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) – silver and gold. The Chinchilla Silver Persian cats have a coat that looks sparkling silver and is pure white. On the other hand, the Blue Chinchilla Silver cats have their fur tipped in blue, same as the outlining of their eye rims, nose, and lips that are also in blue. The second type of these unique Persian cats is the Golden Chinchilla Persian which can also be Blue Chinchilla. These Golden cats have pale honey to apricot undercoat with the fur tipped in black. As opposed to them, the Blue Golden Chinchilla’s undercoat is ivory to pale honey and fur tipped in blue.

However, what’s worth mentioning here is that the Chinchilla Persian cats are not yet recognized as a separate cat breed, instead, they are only grouped as part of the Persian cat breed according to the CFA and the International Cat Association. Still, there are some cat associations in the world that consider them as a specific cat breed.

Facts and Personality Traits

A widely known fact is that Persian cats are quiet and inactive most of the time. The Chinchilla Persian cats, on the other hand, are more extroverted and active. They are outgoing and playful. What’s common for both is that they are sweet and affectionate. Chinchilla cats love to cuddle and spend time with their owners. In terms of health issues, these cats often have jaw deformities that are a result of breed overlap between the Chinchilla cats and Persian longhairs. Due to the fact that their face is flattened these dental issues appear which causes problems with eating and drinking. As you can see, Wilfred has this type of jaw deformity.

When it comes to nutrition, the Chinchilla Persian cats the same as all other cat breeds are carnivores, so they require protein-based food. If you are planning to get this type of cat, you also need to pay attention to the grooming part. As the Chinchilla cats have long coated fur you need to make sure that it doesn’t get knotted to avoid having to cut out parts of hair if they are too tangled. Be aware that they often have runny noses and eyes, so you need to clean them regularly.

Take a closer look at the photos of Wilfred and you will be able to easily recognize the Chinchilla Persian cat in the future. Wilfred enjoys cuddles with his mom, even though it might not appear that way and if you want to see more photos of him you can follow his Instagram profile.

chinchilla persian
chinchilla persian

Would you consider getting one Chinchilla for yourself?

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