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7 Reasons to Adopt Kittens in Pairs

adopt kittens in pairs

Many cat lovers adopt kittens in pairs. Some might think that’s too much to handle. Some people prefer to get just one cat and dedicate their attention to them. Read these 7 reasons why it’s good to get kittens in pairs. It would be great to adopt kittens and puppies together as well, but that’s a different story for another time.

adopt kittens in pairs

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7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Kittens in Pairs

  1. Two kittens are rescued instead of one! It’s a great feeling to rescue a cat from the street. Imagine doing that with 2 cats and not just with one. If more people would do that there would be fewer stray cats.
  2. Kittens will teach each other different skills. You don’t have to spend time teaching both cats separately. They will play together and will develop the proper skills.
  3. You will get a discount if you get a second kitten. Some might think it will cost them double if they get 2 cats. Instead, they will save money because most shelters offer a discount if you get a second cat. Also, your cats will share a litter box, toys, and a carrier.
  4. They will entertain themselves. Sometimes, your cat can be annoying if she wants to play and you don’t. In this way, she will always have a friend to play with, and it’s the same as her.
  5. There will be more fun in the house. When you have two cats, it’s always a pleasure to watch them play, eat, and fight each other. You will enjoy and have fun with them running around the house.
  6. It’s always so adorable to watch two kittens sleep together. If they are together from a young age, they will likely like each other and sleep and nap together. Nobody can resist this cuteness.
  7. Most importantly – you get twice the love! – There is no need for an explanation here.

So, just watch this video of the two kittens, Mojo and Scout, who have lived together since they were young kittens.

Source: The Adventures of Mojo and Scout

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  1. Absolutely, the comments on adopting 2 cats/kittens at a time is so true. I did this past summer when they were only 2 months old (brothers), and they are amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Cats are awesome and so entertaining.

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