This is the Weird-looking Famous Cat Wilfred Warrior

You must have heard about one of the famous cat Wilfred Warrior. With 1.1m followers on Instagram, Wilfred is one of the most popular cats on the Internet.

famous cat wilfred warrior

This is a very unusual cat, not the type you see every day and this is the reason why it’s so popular. He is a Chinchilla Persian cat and lives in London. His mom gave him the name Wilfred.

famous cat wilfred warrior

You have to admit, he looks even weirder after a shower. But he’s still adorable! Because of his unusual looks and the big eyes that make him look crazy people love him!

The Internet is crazy over Wilfred.

famous cat wilfred warrior

This famous cat Wilfred Warrior got his name out of his pedigree name. His pedigree name is Fearless Warrior. He doesn’t really look fearless though.

Take a look at his photos and enjoy. You can also follow him on Instagram and check out his website as well.

Wilfred Warrior sometimes looks sad, in rare occasions.

On his website there are different products you can buy that have his face on them. From T-shirts to mugs.

Wilfred enjoys cuddles with his mom, even though it might not appear that way.

famous cat wilfred warrior

Do you like him?

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