6 Facts you should know about Maine Coon Cats

Who can resist the biggest cats in the world – Maine Coon cats?

If you are one of the people who love Maine Coon cats read more information about them in this article. Here are 6 facts that you need to know:

  1. Maine Coon are huge! 
  2. These cats are friendly and love children and other pets. They are very loyal and playful and also very vocal.
  3. Most Maine Coon cats are polydactyl cats. However, when they became recognized show cats they were largely bred out.
  4. They live long. Maine Coon’s life expectancy is from 12 to 15 years. Also, if you tend to keep your cat indoors, this will extend their lifespan. 
  5. They don’t require too much grooming. Maine Coon cats are mainly outdoor cats and they are developed as self-sufficient. Their coat is with long fur that is water-repellent and keeps them warm.
  6. Maine Coon can be in any color. Even though people believe that Maine Coons are mainly brown tabby, they can actually be white, black, cream or mixed.


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