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Elli the “Vitiligo Cat” Is a Special and Beautiful Cat

vitiligo cat

Have you ever heard of a vitiligo cat? I suppose you haven’t.

Nicole Bohm wasn’t aware that she would get something similar to that when she rescued two kittens. She found two black-and-white kittens on a dirty farm in Germany and decided to take care of them. Both kittens seemed normal initially, and she was happy that she had new family members.

However, a year after they were born, one of the kittens started to change. That cat was called Elli and suddenly Nicole found a white spot on her black fur. She got scared that maybe her cat got some disease and took her straight to the vet.

vitiligo cat

Elli was diagnosed with vitiligo which is a rare condition that results in loss of pigmentation. That was the reason why her black fur turned white. And this is how Elli became a vitiligo cat. In cases of vitiligo, a cat usually gets white patches on the black part of her coat.

The good thing about this condition is that it wasn’t dangerous – the cat was perfectly healthy.

vitiligo cat

What’s even more interesting is that this condition made Elli a very special cat. She really looks incredible in her unusual and unique coat.

In the next weeks and months, Nicole noticed that bigger parts of Elli’s black were turning into white, and she was changing literally every day.

vitiligo cat

But the Vitiligo Cat Hasn’t Really Changed

The most important thing is that her personality hasn’t changed at all. She remained the same sweet cat she was when Nicole found her.

Her sister Rosie doesn’t have vitiligo, so she is still the same black and white cat she was when Nicole found them both. You can see the difference between them in the picture.

vitiligo cat
Elli with her sister Rosie

It must be very interesting to see the transformation of your cat every day knowing that she is still the same cat you know and love. Elli doesn’t have any health problems and is happy living with her sister.

The whitening of her fur is still ongoing, but Nicole believes that some of the black markings on her face will remain.

“Her changing still goes on every day, and I love her more and more” – said Nicole.

What do you think about Elli, the vitiligo cat?

vitiligo cat
vitiligo cat

See more photos of Elli on her Instagram profile @ellivitiligo.

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