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Can Cats Eat Olives? What Happens if They Do?

can cats eat olives

Are you a fan of olives? Many people really love and enjoy eating olives and add them to most of their meals. Some cat owners have noticed this behavior with their cats as well. Some cats just like humans love olives. But, can cats eat olives? Are they good for them and what happens if they do eat olives?

This is a question that pops up in the mind of many cat owners. Maybe you’ve noticed how cats can go crazy when they sense the smell of olives. We all want what’s best for our cats and we want to please them and spoil them with their favorite food. For that reason, we need to know whether olives can be good for our felines.

Well, let’s find out. Firstly, what type of olives are there, and do they have any nutritional value?

can cats eat olives

What Are Black and Green Olives? What Are Their Health Benefits?

This type of food that can be found in probably all households is a great addition to salads, pizzas, and all kinds of different meals. Black and green olives are healthy for humans because they contain Vitamin E and other essential vitamins such as sodium, iron, and fiber. Olives have a great bitter taste and many people like eating them.

However, we are talking about cats now.

Can Cats Eat Olives?

The short answer is yes. Olives are not toxic to cats.

You may wonder why do cats like olives? – The main reason why cats may go crazy when they sense olives is the smell. To be more precise, it’s the chemicals that particularly green olives contain such as pimentos and isoprenoids. These chemicals are similar to catnip, thus olives can make your cat crave for them.

But often, cats won’t eat them, they will just play around with the olives. And that’s again related to the smell and not the taste.

Are Olives Good for Cats?

As we’ve mentioned many times so far and you all know cats are carnivores. This means that they need meat and protein in their diet. In other words, olives are not an essential part of the cat’s diet, but they are also not harmful. Some types of olives even have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds.

Still, as is the case with many other types of food, for example, cats eating eggs, or green salad, you should be careful not to give too many olives to your cat. Olives shouldn’t take up most of their diet because they contain a great amount of fat and some can even be too seasoned or salted.

Generally speaking, olives have no nutritional value for cats. Olives are a good idea when your cat needs more antioxidants, but it shouldn’t be the first thing on the list.

can cats eat olives

What is Olive Cat Food

It shouldn’t come as a surprise the fact that many companies that sell cat food have actually started selling olive cat food. This is a type of food that has an olive flavor which cats love.

Bottom line: Are Olives Bad for Cats?

In its essence, olives are not bad for cats. However, every cat owner needs to be aware of the possible health effects and give olives to cats in moderation if necessary. Even though they are generally safe for your cat, some olives may contain a high level of sodium which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation in cats. Some olives also have pits in them, so you should pay attention to your cat not to choke on it.

Finally, would you feed your cat with olives?

What we recommend is to consult with the vet and get their opinion on olives for your cat. They should be qualified to give you professional advice and are usually involved in the health condition of your feline and can help. If your kitty simply loves olives you should have this in mind and maybe treat her occasionally, but don’t do this too often.

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