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Can Cats Eat Eggs? Are Eggs Actually Good For Them?

can cats eat eggs

Many cat owners feed their cats with human food. Having this in mind, it’s very important to know which type of food is good for the cat and which isn’t. There are some concerns about that and this question often pops up: Can cats eat eggs?

can cats eat eggs

Well, many would agree that feeding your cat with eggs is good for them. The reason is that cats are carnivores which means that they would benefit from the protein that eggs contain. Not only that, this type of food contains amino acids that are also not harmful to your cat.

However, similar as with any food, you would need to be careful about the amount. Jan Dempsey, a Purina Senior Nutritionist gives this advice:

“Feed just a tiny amount because you don’t want to put too many calories in your cat’s diet.”

can cats eat eggs

This means that you can give eggs to your cat just as a treat, but not too much. A moderately active cat should have 150-200 calorie intake and a whole egg has 90 calories. You should have this in mind and don’t overfeed your cat.

can cats eat eggs

Also, can cats eat eggs is not the only question we should ask ourselves. Every cat owner needs to know how eggs should be prepared. The most important answer to this question is not to give raw eggs to your cat! Uncooked eggs can harbor bacteria like Salmonella. So, always give cooked eggs to your cat, without shells, and limit the portions.

Can Kittens Eat Eggs?

Don’t worry about giving eggs to your kitten as well. It won’t harm the kittens either but have the portion in mind.

Some cats don’t even like to try eggs. If your cats love them, be at ease, you are not doing anything bad to them.

To sum up, eggs can’t do any harm to your cats as long as you feed them in moderation.

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