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Can Cats Eat Bread? Should They Eat it?

can cats eat bread

Cats are without a doubt our favorite companions. For that reason, we love to spoil them, but also treat them as humans as well and feed them with things that we love to eat. Only a few can resist trying a slice of freshly baked bread, but should we share it with our cat? Can cats eat bread?

Some cat owners admit that their cat enjoys a bite or two because they love it. However, even though cats can sometimes beg to get bread, we need to make sure that this food won’t harm them. So, here is what some vets say about this question.

can cats eat bread

Can Cats Eat Bread?

First of all, bread is a carbohydrate and this type of food should not be included in a cat’s diet that often. When asked the question – can cats eat bread,  Dr. Amy Farcas from San Francisco’s Veterinary Nutrition Care says that feeding bread should be limited. The reason for that as she explains is the fact that cats require a diet high on protein and fat. We need to be careful with how we feed our cats because we wouldn’t like them to get overweight. This can lead to many health conditions.

This means that even if your cat goes crazy for bread, you should avoid it. Have in mind that a small piece of bread wouldn’t really harm your cat. The problem occurs when you include bread and carbohydrate in their regular diet. If you feed your cat with protein and use commercial cat food it means that she is getting enough calories. Any treats or snacks the cat gets as an addition to their balanced diet should not exceed 5-10 percent of the daily calories. In other words, an occasional bite of bread won’t be a problem because cats can digest and absorb carbohydrates easily.

can cats eat bread

What Types of Bread Your Cat Should Never Have?

If you decide to treat your cat with some carbohydrates, have in mind that some types of bread they should never have. Avoid rising dough because it contains active yeast which can lead to intestinal blockage to your feline.  Also, this bread can cause serious gastrointestinal upset. Other types of bread to avoid are raisin bread and garlic bread which can be toxic and even lethal to your cat.

can cats eat bread

Do Cats and Bread Go Together?

To sum up, we can’t say that bread is completely harmful to cats. Also, we can’s advise you to include it in their diet. The conclusion would be that a small amount of bread wouldn’t hurt your feline. But, this doesn’t mean that you should give them bread every day. The key to a healthy lifestyle for your cat is a balanced diet. Make sure you include both proteins and fat and keep your cat healthy.

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