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One of the Oldest Cat in the World Was Nutmeg Aged 31

oldest cat

The oldest cat in the world was at the age of 31. Meet Nutmeg, a tabby cat, who is 141 years old in human age. When he celebrated his 31st birthday, it seemed that he had many lives left to live.

oldest cat

This lovely cat was at Liz and Ian Finlay’s doorstep 26 years ago, in 1990. He has just become friends with their own cat, Spice. The couple decided to keep Nutmeg together with Spice, and so they took him to the vet. There, they estimated his age at 5.

However, to qualify for Guinness Records, the family needed to provide documents that prove Nutmeg’s age. This was difficult for them, but they were trying to get him there.

Nutmeg family

To prove that he doesn’t give up easily from becoming the oldest cat in the world, Nutmeg survived a stroke. He suffered from a serious stroke last year, but he recovered quickly. Nutmeg was also trying to prove to the world that he had many more lives left to live. Apparently, he hasn’t used up all his 9 years.

oldest cat

Ian and Liz say that Nutmeg is the boss at home, but he is gorgeous.

oldest cat

He was also very spoiled, waking them up every morning at 5 am, and asked for food.

Unfortunately, sometime after his stroke, in August 2017, he was taken to Westway Veterinary Group because he had difficulties breathing. It turned out that he suffered heart failure and couldn’t be saved. Luckily, he had a very happy and long life.

The oldest cat ever recorded was Creme Puff from Austin, Texas, which lived for a full 38 years!

The average lifespan of domestic cats is up to 16 years, so you can imagine that a cat that is 31 years old should really be in the Guinness Records. We can safely say that Nutmeg is one of the beautiful exceptions to this average.

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