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Japan Opened Its First Cat Train

Cat train? Cats and travel – could you ask for more?

In Japan, you can get this if you travel from a small city called Ogaki. This trip is two and a half hours, time that you wouldn’t feel as you would be busy playing with all the cats.

The cat train was a product of a collaboration between a local NGO called Kitten Cafe Sanctuary and the owner of the train – Yoro Railway Co Ltd. The idea of the NGO was to promote the adoption of stray cats and the railway was aiming for increased tourism to Ogaki and the train destination city – Ikeno.

This ride offers free food, a lot of cats, and views of mountains and meadows.

ride with cats in Japan

Many people enjoy riding the cat train, play with lovely cats, and take pictures.

kids playing with cats

Not only that, this cat train really looks cute and cool. When you see it from the outside is like a big white cat running, who would resist joining?

cat train
kittens playing

Its interior is also incredible – you can see cats everywhere and feel like you’re at home. Wouldn’t it be great if you owned a dozen cats and play with them all day? Well, this is even better because you can travel with them. It for sure is a great tourist attraction!

cat train

Kids especially like the train. It’s their favorite! You would agree that children enjoy spending time with cats, so this is an incredible idea to keep them entertained. Would you take your kid for this kind of ride?

kid playing with a cat
cat train
cat train
cat train

Imagine what kind of joy would this be for people who love trains and cats. They would have the opportunity to travel by train and spend time with felines. Other countries should follow the example of Japan and open their own cat trains.

Would you like to try it?

We would definitely love it!


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