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5 Facts About the Hairless Sphynx Cats

facts about sphynx cats

Some people love the Sphynx cats, and some hate them. They are hard to ignore because sphynx are extraordinary cats. Sphynx cats are hairless cats and have special behavior and look. Here are a few things that you need to know about them. The most important facts about Sphynx cats are as follows.

1. Sphynx Cats Don’t Have Fur

These cats don’t have fur, which makes them very different from any ordinary cat. For this reason, most people are surprised and rarely disgusted when they see this type of cat. Many think they are ugly and usually say this to their owners, which is not a very nice thing to do. However, whoever gets a Sphynx cat immediately falls in love with them. Just because of their special look, the Sphynx cats are stunning and have unique personalities.

2. They Are Pretty Noisy

Sphynx cats are communicative creatures. They love to squeak and whine, especially if you are trying to wake them up. Sphynxes also like to eat a lot, so you would need to be prepared to spend a certain amount of money for a portion of high-quality food. They will not say ‘Thank you’ with words, but they will definitely do that in their own language. But also be prepared for their grumpy behavior if you annoy them when they are having a rest.

3. Sphynx Cats Can Get a Bit Gross

It’s very important to bathe your Sphynx every week because they can get very dirty. If you don’t do that, you will most likely find oily residues on clothes and linens. This doesn’t mean that other cats can’t get dirty; it’s just that we don’t see that much due to their fur. Another thing you have to do is clean their ears and trim their nails. These cats sweat a lot, which makes them pretty high-maintenance cats.

4. Sphynx Cats Are Very Clingy

These cats are emotionally dependent on you. They don’t want to be alone. Sphynx cats tend to follow their owners around and don’t leave any personal space. If you can’t live with a cat that will follow you everywhere and try to go everywhere you go, then you should think of getting a different cat than a Sphynx one. They love to play with their owners and cuddle. Moreover, they love to interact with other animals as well. They generally hate to be alone and enjoy any type of company.

sphynx cats

5. They Don’t Like Cold

Due to the obvious fact that they don’t have fur, Sphynx cats get very cold and need to be protected. You could imagine being in their place and going outside without any clothes. Of course, the cold weather won’t be your favorite. For that reason, these cats usually look for places where it’s warm and go there for cover. The best thing you can do for your Sphynx cat is either warm up your place or get a heated cat bed with a cover. Alternatively, nice cat clothing would look good on the cat and would definitely complete her appearance. 

Sphynx Cats Will Steal Your Heart

With their unique and exotic look, playful personality, and affectionate dispositions, the hairless cats can be your best friend and companion and will definitely win your heart. Who can resist having a special cat that will give you the attention you need from a pet and keep you company? All these things we mentioned about maintaining and caring for them will be very easy for you to do if you give Sphynx a chance to win your heart.

If you know any other interesting facts about Sphynx cats that aren’t mentioned here, feel free to share them with us.

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