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7 Cats Similar to Maine Coon: Exploring the Lookalike Breeds 

cats similar to maine coon

All cats are lovely, but there’s something about those big and fluffy cats like the Maine Coon for example that’s extra special and adorable. Fortunately, there are many types of cats similar to Maine coon that also have distinctive appearances and fun personalities. 

If cats that look similar to Maine Coon with their huge size, fluffiness, or playful nature appeal to you, then these additional breeds from the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Turkish Angora to the Siberian could definitely be a good option for you. 

Norwegian Forest Cat

At first glance, the Norwegian Forest Cat resembles the Maine Coon, and the two are likely related, but there are notable physical differences between them. The overall shape of the Maine Coon is somewhat concave, but the Norwegian Forest Cat is more compact and straight. Norwegian Forest Cats have almond-shaped eyes, whereas Maine Coons have oval and wide eyes. Norwegian Forest cats may reach a weight of 22 pounds.

The Norwegian Forest cat has a long, bushy tail and a dense double coat. These large cats are extremely muscular and powerful. Norwegian Forest cats are friendly, sociable, and energetic and they are constantly looking for human connection and adventure. 

Norwegian Forest Cats are a gentle kind of cat with a strong nurturing instinct. Their multicolored and patterned double coat, tufted paws and ears, triangular head, plumed tail, and strong, heavily muscled physique are characteristics that define them. They are independent and bright, and they love their family without being demanding. They’re one of those cats who get along with everyone, including other cats and dogs.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angoras, a small long-haired cat breeds are one of the most popular and extroverted breeds out there. They thrive in a busy environment with other pets, where there is always someone to engage or amuse them. They like being silly, but they are also incredibly elegant and sophisticated. 

Turkish Angora cats, who may weigh up to 10 pounds and also like learning new skills. Any environment where the Turkish Angora is adored, respected, and given the necessary care and attention is a wonderful home for this breed. 

The Siberian

The thick and lengthy coat of the Siberian is great for protecting them from the outdoors. This energetic breed likes its family and enjoys learning skills such as fetch. They also like to swim.

siberian cat

Siberian cats are distinguished by their large yellow-green eyes, tufted ears, and neck ruff. Their coats come in a variety of colors and patterns, but brown tabbies tend to be the most popular. Siberian cats may reach weights of up to 17 pounds.

The active Siberian is a native breed of Russia’s subarctic tundra. They’ve been around for at least a thousand years and were admired for their outstanding hunting abilities.  

The Savannah

The Savannah – a cat bigger than Maine coon cats is a hybrid that resulted from the crossbreeding of a domestic cat and an African Serval. As a result, they distinguish themselves from many other cat breeds. They have striking tabby coats that are frequently dotted with large spots.

Savannah cats have very big, towering ears that rest on top of the head, eyes placed beneath a hooded brow, a long neck, and a short, thick tail to name a few of their distinguishing physical qualities. All of these qualities contribute to his unique look. The Savannah cat may reach a weight of 25 pounds.

Savannah cats like learning tricks and playing games. Like the Maine Coon they are not aggressive, but entertaining cats who thrive in a setting where they can play and interact with others. If nurtured with children, other cats, and friendly dogs, Savannah cats get along well.

The Ragdoll

The name Ragdoll comes from how floppy they are when carried or taken care of. They have a fluffy coats in a range of lovely pointed colors. 

When this is combined with their piercing blue eyes, you get a cat breed that is equally amazing as it is gorgeous. These cats enjoy humans and will continually seek you out for a snuggle. They’re friendly and lively, making them great for kids. You’ll have a lot of fun teaching your Ragdoll tricks because of their intelligence.


The Bengal is a mix between a domestic cat and the wild Asian Leopard Cat. This breed is well-known for its magnificent coats, which have a distinct pattern of rosettes and marbling. “Snow” Bengals have color patterns such as seal sepia, seal lynx, and seal mink on a pale white or cream backdrop.

bengal cat

Unlike any other domestic cat species, their coats may shine in the light and have a velvety feel. They are not a low-maintenance choice as they require a lot of attention from their owners.

The Bengal is an energetic, clever, and curious creature. Bengal cats may reach weights of up to 18 pounds. Bengal cats flourish in the company of someone who spends a significant amount of time at home and likes playing and interacting with them. 

The Birman

The friendly Birman is a wonderful choice for homes with many pets. They aren’t a very noisy species, but they have an appealing tendency to “chirp” to attract your attention. 

Birman cats have a medium to long coat that is speckled with various pointed colors and sparkling blue eyes. Birmans like interacting with people and other animals. Because they are a sociable breed, they do not appreciate being left alone in the house all day without being amused or cuddled. 

Birmans, although less energetic than other breeds, have a highly playful side. They are more inclined to fetch or pursue when they are not cuddled up in your lap.

All of the cat breeds described here are similar to Maine Coon in some way. Some are similar owing to their huge physical appearance, while others are similar due to their behavior and psychological features. 

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