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Cat Tail Meanings: What Your Cat is Telling You with Their Tail

cat tail meanings

If you have ever wondered if your cat tail movements had any meanings, you were right!

Why? Because this is how cats express emotions. These felines are known as very mysterious, complicated and one of the most intelligent pets. If you listen to the cat’s tail language, you can understand a lot and it will also benefit your relationship with your cat.

There are several cat’s tail meanings, some show that they are scared, some that they are happy and enjoy playing with you, but some can be a sign that they are in pain or feeling sick.

Cat Tail Meanings

The tail is high and straight in the air

When your cat’s tail is high in the air, that is because she is expressing its confidence. This means she is content and happy. In this case, you might want to give her a treat, play around together, and share your love and affection towards your fluffy friend.

cat tail meanings

The tail is curved at the top like a question mark

The moment when the cat’s tail is a bit curved at the top, it means that your feline wants to play with you and is very friendly and curious at the same time. Since she is so comfortable now, offer your hand for sniffing and enjoy the playfulness while your cat is in the good mood.

The low position of the tail

Cat’s tail language is very interesting and helpful, especially when your kitty has the low position of its tail. At this point, she is in a very serious mood, so better avoid petting her. This is because your cat is feeling insecure, frightened, and anxious and might be aggressive. However, be aware that some cats put their tails low and can have no bad meaning.

Puffy tail

When a cat’s tail is puffy, it means that it might be scared, angry, or agitated. Therefore, better stay away! If it’s puffy, but in a low position, that’s because your cat needs more space until she is ready to play with you again, so you better respect that.

The tail is wrapped around you or another cat

This is one of the cutest meanings of the cat’s tail movement. It’s like hugging the loved one, expressing togetherness, friendship, and intimacy – meaning, your cat likes you!

The tail is wrapped around their body

This position signals that your cat is nervous, defensive, and also might be in pain. Make sure you observe her full body language and if it continues, take your feline to the vet. Don’t interact while it has its tail wrapped around its body, wait for her or him to approach you first.

cat tail meanings

Swishing tail

Moving from side to side slowly with the tail – meaning, your cat is about to do something! You can notice the focus your kitty is having on some toy, food, or object. When you see that your cat is swaying its tail, do not disturb her or him, something is about to be attacked.

Whipping tail

This is a warning! When the tail is slapping the ground back and forths with fast movements, that signals aggression, irritation, and fear. If you don’t want to deal with an angry cat, you better stay away.

Tucked tail

When the cat has its tail tucked between the legs, it’s most likely that it’s experiencing some pain and is scared. It can also express that your cat is feeling very insecure.

So, stop being ignorant! Start observing your cat’s tail, and you can finally understand what your feline is telling you by using its cat’s tail language. I’m sure you will learn more meanings once you start noticing the combinations of the above cat tail movements. It takes time, but be patient, it’s absolutely worth it!

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