Persian Cat Gets an Outrageous Haircut by his Groomer

persian cat gets an outrageous haircut

A beautiful Persian cat gets an outrageous haircut and really makes him look ridiculous. Apparently, people still enjoy giving cats unusual grooming. It is very similar to the trend of making the cats look like dragons or dinosaurs. The owners, however, say that this has been just a misunderstanding.

persian cat gets an outrageous haircut

This is Jin Jin, a Persian cat that lives with his owner Xie Qian Qian in Taiwan. In this picture you can see how Jin Jin looked like before Qian decided to take him to the groomer. Occasionally, Qian was taking Jin Jin for trimming at a groomer to keep him cool and also to avoid getting too much hair in the house.

That type of trimming meant that Jin Jin was looking like a lion usually. The hair on his tail and head were being left and everything else trimmed.

persian cat gets an outrageous haircut

Unfortunately, this time Jin Jin the Persian cat gets an outrageous haircut by the groomer. Quin claims that it was actually a lapse in communication – she never wanted her cat to look like this.

“I was surprised the groomer would shave him like that,” Qian told The Dodo, adding: “I can’t be blamed for it.”

When Qian and her husband saw Jin Jin were shocked at first, but later they laughed. The good news is that his hair eventually grew back, though this was a slow process.

This is how Jin Jin looks like now:

persian cat gets an outrageous haircut

Whether this was a mistake or not, Catman believes that this is something that should stop! Cats are not toys and shouldn’t be treated like that!

What do you think about this?

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