Are Maine Coon Cats Aggressive?

If you are planning to get a Maine Coon Cat as a pet, you need to know their personality and discover if they can fit in your home. Some people believe that Maine Coon are aggressive and some say they are very friendly.
cats aggressiveMaine Coon are large cats and look rugged so this is the reason why many people think that they are aggressive or territorial. The fact that they are large can convey some sort of dominance. Also, because their breed have been developed outdoors and in nature some people might think that they are feral and wild.

These cats are great hunters and may seem aggressive due to this fact. However, they are the opposite of aggressive. Maine Coon cats are really house family pets.

They are also great with children and also accept other cats in the home. Even if you own a dog they wouldn’t mind and would get along great with him. Very quickly they integrate into the family.


Maine Coon cats can even be similar to dogs in some ways. For example, they will greet you when you come home and be happy to see you, unlike most cats. Also, they will follow you in the home from one room to another because they want to keep you company and are very loyal. They are truly great companions.

Unlike most cats, they love water and want to play in the sink. They are also very ‘talkative’. Whenever you talk to them they will respond chirping and make some noises to make a conversation.

cats aggressive

So, if you had any doubts as to getting a Maine Coon cat at home, this article should help you. If you heard they are aggressive, you can get one and prove yourself wrong.

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