Kitten Has the Funniest Reaction When Meeting the New Dog Siblings

Meeting someone for the first time can be scary sometimes. Especially if you are a tiny kitten. This kitten has the funniest reaction when she met her new dog siblings. Imagine that incredible encounter. But the kitty was fierce and showed that she can take it.

kitten has the funniest reaction

The strong kitten is Nimbus and she was rescued by Sam Gerth. Sam’s girlfriend found the tiny kitty covered in oil and dirt on the street. She took her home because she was so small and looked so helpless. Gave her a bath and she was as clean as new.

The couple wasn’t planning on keeping Nimbus because they already had two dogs and two cats. However, things didn’t turn out the way they have planned.

Their initial goal was to keep her warm and get her well. After the bath they put her near the heater and she fell asleep very quickly.

At first, she was separated from the rest of the pets in the home to avoid any conflicts. But when they decided to keep her, they had to introduce her to the family of dogs and cats. They were shocked to realize that this tiny kitten has the most funniest reaction while meeting the dogs.

kitten has the funniest reaction

Nimbus was so brave that she showed her strength against the two big dogs. She drew herself up to full height and fluffed out. At that moment, the dogs new who is going to be in charge.

“She definitely is a brave little kitty!” said Gerth. “She stood her ground to every dog and animal she met!”

Nimbus even found her new best friend – the black dog Zep who is always happy to meet and greet new members of the family.

Now Nimbus is a real beauty. And she is living the best life with her loved dog and cat siblings.

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