Mourning Cat Spends a Year Living on Her Dead Owner Grave

Have you heard about a mourning cat that spends a year living on the graves? You can probably guess why was she sleeping there – her owner has died. She couldn’t separate from the lady owner, so she slept there.

mourning cat spends a year

This happened in Central Java, Indonesia where Keli Keningau Prayitno was passing by the graves and noticed the mourning cat. He heard that the poor kitty was meowing and he tried to adopt her.

However, the cat didn’t want to go with him. So, the next day, when Keli was passing by again, he saw that the kitty is still there.

mourning cat spends a year

He did notice that the cat leaves the grave only to go to the lady’s children’s house to eat and comes back. This man then realized that the mourning cat spends a year sleeping near her long-gone owner.

mourning cat spends a year

Keli wasn’t the only one noticing the cat. There were other strangers walking near that tried to give her food or water, but the kitty didn’t want anything. Apparently she just wanted her owner back and was grieving.

“She sleeps there and meows, ” Keli told The Mirror. “It’s very sad to see. It shows just how close animals are to their owners.”

This proves that cats do show affection and can mourn after their owners.

Watch the entire story on this video:

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