Cat Interrupts TV Interview and Becomes the Star of the Show

An incredible thing happened when an interesting guest arrived on set – a sweet cat interrupts TV interview. But, she meant no harm, she just wanted to cuddle and even stole the show. This happened in Finland when an interview was being recorded near horse stable.

cat interrupts tv

The calico cat was actually living at the horse stable and her dad was the guest in the show. Matias Salo, a horse racing coach was being interviewed by Joanna Kuvaja when the kitty arrived to welcome the TV.

Right when the cameras started rolling, the cat showed up and jumped into her owner’s lap and started giving him hugs. The cat interrupts the TV show and nobody can do anything about it. She was just adorable and being hospitable.

cat interrupts tv

Not only did the cat hugged her owner, she climbed on his shoulders and was purring so loud that you could hear that on camera. Next the kitty wanted to show her manners and jumped on Joanna’s lap as well. This took her by surprise but she was very happy to see this cute cat cuddle with her.

cat interrupts tv

Naturally, the star of the show wasn’t Matias anymore, but his sweet cat. She did steal the show.

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