A Cat with Four Ears Proves That Looks Isn’t Everything!

cat with four ears

We had many stories about cat heroes and this story is about a cat with four ears. He is our hero of the day. As you can see from the picture he is different than other cats, but still amazing. His name is Frankie which is short for Frankenkitten.

cat with four ears

This incredible kitten has learned to live with four ears, without an eye and with joint problems on his hind legs. Also, he has a large overbite and this gives him an angular appearance.

cat with four ears

He was rescued by Georgi Anderson and he was found living near a suburban house with another sibling. Frankie is a cat with four ears since birth. When he was brought to the shelter he got an eye infection and his eye had to be removed in order to survive. The problem in his joints is that his knees don’t sit properly in place so he walks splay-legged.

Frankie the cat with four ears has only slight problems with hearing

When you see that Frankie is different, having four ears, you probably wonder how good is his hearing. The little front ears act like some sort of earmuffs to his ears which means that they affect his direct hearing.

Frankie has also learned to live with one eye. Georgi noticed that he has some problems with night vision unlike his other cats. But having in mind his condition, he doesn’t have any major problems. The fact that he is walking splay-legged doesn’t cause him any pain or affect the way he jumps. The only difficulties he has is when eating wet food. He can’t get a good grasp on this type of food because of the overbite.

cat with four ears

Despite all these health issues, Frankie is very lovable. He loves to climb up on Georgi’s legs and is always looking for different places to curl up and sleep.

His owner says that he also loves to play with the dog and with everyone else. Similar to other cats with four ears, Frankie is not very intelligent and he can’t really survive outside. He might see a car and thinks that is something to play with – which would be very dangerous for him.

Besides all this, Frankie is very affectionate and loves to cuddle.

He is a living proof that looks isn’t everything. Despite all that fate through at him, he is still a lovely and beautiful cat.

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