Has the Cat With 4 Ears Finally Found His Forever Home?

cat with 4 ears

A dark grey cat with 4 ears was so unique that nobody believed that will find a home. This kitten with rare condition looked like a devil cat. But with his look he won the Internet and became a star.  Everyone knows who Yoda is.

cat with 4 ears

When he was 4 years old he found his home. Valerie and Ted Rock has adopted him and fell in love with him back in 2006. They saw him at a restaurant and loved him because he was unique.

Yoda the cat with 4 ears has a genetic mutation and not an extra pair of ears. However, his hearing is perfect and he is a healthy feline. So, there is no need for concerns, he also has a great personality and a wonderful family.

cat with 4 ears

Apparently, Yoda found his forever home where he is happy and makes his family happy as well.

‘We decided to name him Yoda. I understand the Star Wars character was based on George Lucas’ cat’ – says Valerie.

cat with 4 ears

Because Yoda was different and so unique, his family decided to keep him at home and make him and indoor cat. They were afraid that someone would ‘catnap’ him. Some people even asked them if they have cut his ears to look like that. That’s how fascinating this rare cat is.

Watch this interesting video where Valerie and Tod explain how they found Yoda.

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