Cat Saves His Life and Now He is Saving Cats as a Return (Video)

cat saves his life

A few years ago, a cat saves Dragan’s life and now he lives with over 50 cats in his home.

cat saves his life

A few days ago I heard about this interesting story about a man who dedicated his life to cats. So, I thought to myself, I have to go and see this extraordinary person who has decided to live with so many cats. After many kilometers passed, I came to his house and was welcomed by a bunch of furry residents. It was a nice sunny day, so most of the cats were napping in the yard.

There were many different kinds of cats, some of them ran away once they saw an unknown person coming, and others couldn’t wait to cuddle. Anyway, you could tell that these cats are living their best life. When I heard that someone lives with 50 cats in his home, I was curious to find out how is this possible. Well, this is the short version of this cat man’s story.

Dragan told me that he can’t imagine his life without his feline friends. It all started years ago when he was out with friends and walking near an abyss. It was evening and it was dark and while he was carried away in the conversation with one of his friends he hadn’t noticed the danger coming. Only 2 steps away from him there was a deep abyss from construction work on the road. Luckily, a cat showed up and caught his attention. She started cuddling from his legs and he had to stop – he wasn’t able to continue walking. Once he stopped and looked up he saw the deep hole and realized that if the cat hadn’t appeared he would have fallen and get injured or even killed.

cat saves his life

He told me that he was a cat lover his entire life, but since that cat saved his life he realized that he has to do more for them. Like many other cat lovers, he started with having 2 or 3 cats in his home. One of them got kittens, then the other. His wife loves cats as well, so he has full support in taking care of them. Furthermore, Dragan is the type of person who can’t stand by an abandoned kitten on the street. Many of the cats in his home were rescued.

All his cats are different in a way that some of them love spending time in his house and some are simply outdoor cats. He came up with a solution for both. There is a place for his outdoor cats to stay outside in his yard. He made a shelter out of his garage and even added some cat trees and beds so the cats can play. They are just too wild to stay inside, so this is a perfect way for them to stay protected and have their freedom. On the other hand, some cats took over Dragan’s bedroom – they love to sleep in his bed and he enjoys that as well.

Soon after Dragan got over 10 cats, people in his area knew him as a cat person, so some even started leaving small kittens in his backyard. These people were aware that he won’t have the heart to abandon them, and he will look after them. He is not very happy about it, but of course, every cat is welcome in his home. I was curious to find out if he ever thought about giving some cats away to another home or a shelter. He told me a heart-breaking story.

cat saves his life

One family wanted to get a cat for their child and Dragan decided to give them a kitten because one of his cats just gave birth. The kitten was maybe 3 or 4 months old. It was with a heavy heart, but he decided to make that child happy. However, he and his wife couldn’t do that – they called the family the next day and asked them to give them the kitten back. They both cried so much and couldn’t stand being separated from any of their cats.

As you can imagine, having that many cats at home takes too much time and costs money. Dragan is retired so the good part is that he has time to take care of them. His day starts at 5 am and ends around 7 pm – all the while looking after his cats, feeding them and playing with them. He spends 80% of his monthly pension on food and medication for them.

cat saves his life

This is the most inspiring story I ever heard from a cat owner. It makes you feel that everyone can do at least something for cats if there is love.

If you would like to support Dragan and help him, just contact me and I can give you more information about him.

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